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My name is Aly BrightEyes and I am the single mother of twins, who i find are being rather...entertaining. They are both telekentic and telepathic which oddly enough runs in the family.Their names are Aiden Dorian D'santi and Artemis Alaura D'santi. Their father and I are separated sadly.
I am also the owner and driving force behind "The House of Flame and Shadow" an Inn, bar, and restaurant (formerly known as The Dragon's fire Inn). Located in Darkmoon Alley in Blue Lune.

Name: Alainne Larielle BrightEyes
Nickname: Aly
Age: 23

My past

I grew up in uptown London, and spent my summers in our house in Bormouth a southern coastal city. I lived with my mother Alanna, father George, elder sister Anna,elder brother Thom, twin brother Alan, and younger brother Liam. We where quite a family.

My mother is a aurer(now retired), my father a business man. When we where little we saw very little of them. Anna, is a teacher at a magical preschool in London now. Thom works at the British ministry in spell experimentation. I am living in Blue Lune France where i own an Inn, bar, and restaurant. Alan teaches quidditch in the USA. The only one not out of the house is 15 year old Liam, who goes to school at Hogwarts.

Oh! We also have 2 horses,6 owls,1 dog,2 exotic birds,an albino mouse,and a miniature rabbit.

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Pan Historia Junction
Short Cuts
Zone : Fantasy

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Aly BrightEyes
M Night Lavigne
Bianca Toscano

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