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In the Interstellar Geographic Novel:

Full Name -- Sean Patrick Donovan
Nickname -- 'Paddy' (by those who dare :)
Birth Date -- 31 December 2220
Astrological Sign and Details -- Capricorn
Birth Place -- Newport, Rhode Island
Age -- 39
Race -- Caucasian
Hair Color -- Brown
Hair Style -- Short, clean cut, wavy top
Shape and Features of Face -- well - perfect, distinguished
Eye Color -- lt brown
Skin Tone -- fair; tanned
Any Scars or Distinguishing Marks -- sports a thin mustache
Build or Body Type -- tall, athletic; well toned, but not muscular
Height -- 6'2"
Weight -- 180 lbs

Mother -- deceased
Father -- deceased
Parents' Occupations – owned and operated restaurant;
Brothers -- none
Sisters -- none
Other Close Family -- none
Home Life During Childhood -- what home life; in and out of orphanages and juvenile facilities since age of 10
Any Sports or Clubs -- all depends on definitions of... :-)
Schooling -- School of Life... self-taught
Favorite Subject -- averting capture
Popular or Loner -- a little of both... was mostly a loner, but a popular leader around other delinquents;

Important Experiences or Events -- age 10-parents killed; many scrapes with authorities; stole sailboat out of Narragansett and sailed to a cove near Boston (almost got caught); friend helps get out of trouble...
Religion -- believes in self-determination; puts faith in self ~
Bad Habits -- has habit of jumping head first into things...
Strong Points -- very persistent and determined; resourceful
Temperament -- has even temperament; cool under pressure
Attitude -- yep
Weakness -- has problem with most authority
Fears -- none to speak of
Secrets -- won’t tell
Regrets -- none to speak of

Home -- IGS Cobra Verde
Household furnishings -- standard issue except personal items (desk/chair)
Favorite Possession -- antique mahogany roll-top desk; with ink/fountain pen and paper and matching chair
Married Before -- no
Children -- don't think so
Relationship with Family -- no family
Best Friend -- "Kat" McCartney
Career -- in military
Dream Career -- none
Dream Life -- I think I'm living it now
Hobbies – poker, solar sailing and pipes
Sports or Clubs -- racquetball, running, baseball (I know Boston will win the next Universal Series)
Talents – good at reading people; kind of came with the territory

Finances – they’re just fine; we’ll just say don’t have to ‘borrow’ a sailboat anymore
Religion -- self-determination
Past Careers -- thief; handyman; jack of all trades
Past Lovers -- what? Me, kiss and tell; don't think so :-)
Biggest Mistakes – getting caught
Biggest Achievements – still working on that

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Tayven Steele
Madoc Tsurien
Sean Patrick Donovan
Captain StarCastle
John Clayton Drummond
Zaekim Sanburd
Curran McIntyre
Dray Prescot
Capt Lynda Kat McCartney

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