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Much of Elek's past is a mystery even to himself, and his future may not be exactly what he's expecting.

He's a space-orphan, his parents having been killed some twenty years ago when the ship they were travelling on (in what capacity, is unknown to him) was destroyed. He was the only survivor pulled from the wreckage by the Red Cross Search and Rescue ship Caritas V. He was unhappily fostered first by a Hungarian-Tellurian family, later on Alpha Centauri B II by the ICRC volunteer who had rescued him, Valjean Michel D'Alembert, and his sister Anna-Michelle D'Alembert

He studied planetary science and astrophysics at Heinlein City University, and graduated in the top one percent of all Sol System science graduates. A little less than a year after his recruitment by InterGeo as a qualified research scientist, with several well-regarded papers on gravitational anomalies and extrasolar asteroidal metallurgy already to his name, he joined the brand-new InterGeo flagship IGS Robert Ballard as Science Officer.

Elek is now approximately 25 years old, give or take a little. He is around 6' tall, has dark brown-black hair, grey eyes and an olive complexion. He's generally cool-headed, rather quiet and solitary but with a very keen sense of humour. Sometimes he still wonders who his parents were, and who or what destroyed the ship they were travelling on.

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Great writing! Good characterization! Intersteller Geographic Novel
Oct 21, 2015 02:32 am

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