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Members of the Guild of Navigators are a very special breed of spacefarer. When navigating a ship in hyperspace jump between even well-known co-ordinates can be a somewhat hit-and-miss affair, the Navigators can find a way through the drifting flux of hyperspace without known reference points. How they do it is a mystery, but they seem to have some kind of instinctive sixth sense for locating objects in hyperspace and can feel the presence of unmarked jump-points and uncharted stars.

The history of the Guild of Navigators is something of a deliberate mystery, like most things about them. It’s not an organisation that ever made any records it might keep available to anyone outside its own ranks. All that’s known for sure is that it was born out of the chaos of the Inter-Colonial Wars, probably as a group that broke away from the Fleet. During the Wars they dealt with both sides, using small “spook ships” running without ID codes to hunt out secret refuges and ambush points. Rumours of piracy may very well have had a basis in some fact, and certainly the Guild has done nothing to dispel them.

No one knows how the Guild is organised or the names of those at its heart, although some individual Navigators have achieved close to legendary status. Its headquarters are said to be a vast spaceship called the Seven Stars, though no one can ever truthfully claim to have seen it anywhere and its location and appearance remain a mystery. Spacelore has it that it only exists in hyperspace, not realspace. However a Navigator will always know how to make contact with it if needed.

Nowdays, the Navigators are mostly free operators who can be employed by anyone who can afford them and trust them. It’s said they have no loyalty, which is true in the sense they are independent of any government, faction or cause. They are very rarely seen on regular fleetships or merchanters, and having a Navigator on board is usually a good sign that a ship is not what it seems and its mission is something out of the ordinary. Because of the prejudice and distrust that many spacers feel towards them, it also tends to be rather like carrying a ticking time-bomb on board.

A Navigator can always be identified by a circle of seven stars tattooed around the right wrist. Because of the amount of time they spend in hyperspace, they generally have the physical appearance of someone younger than their age in real time (time and space are rather different, if not irrelevant, concepts to a Navigator). They tend to be rather flamboyant individuals, but are intensely secretive both about the Guild and themselves personally, using the mystique and distrust that surrounds them as a smokescreen for their activities. Despite their reputation, they can be deeply loyal to those who earn their respect.

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Interesting and Well Written
Oct 27, 2018 02:49 pm
Very well written! Makes me want to read more of this story.
Jun 06, 2011 01:07 am

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