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On November 7th in Burleson, Texas 1975, Gwenyth Marie Falcon was born to the wizarding family which consisted of Bernice Falcon and Thomas Falcon. She lived in Texas all of her life and attended Freesia Academy in Kansas. There she graduated at the top of her class with special marks in Drama and Astronomy. In 1992, she moved to France and studied Astronomy and the meanings behind it. 1 year later she became a Professor in Astronomy at a school called Durmstrang. She didn't like the mean, competitive environment and finally decided to leave. Recently she moved back to France/England and hopes to get a job as an Astronomy teacher yet again.

On a personal note she began dating a guy named Red Wilcox when she was in France during 1992. Together they had two beautiful daughters before he cheated on her and she divorced him. The oldest is Samantha Anne Falcon and the youngest is Jenna Hayley Falcon. Sammi is 4 while Jenna is 2. Gwenyth has full custody of both girls. Red has no child privledges whatsoever, but it's ok. He has kids now anyways. You can check out Gwenyth's kids in her profile.

Mlle. Gwenyth Falcon

[10 - 11] 1st years P&C
[11 - 12] 3rd years D&F
[12 - 1 ] 5th years P&C

[10 - 11] 1st years D&F
[11 - 12] 3rd years P&C
[12 - 1 ] 5th years D&F

[10 - 11] 2nd years P&C
[11 - 12] 4th years D&F
[12 - 1 ] 6th years (SPEWT)

[10 - 11] 2nd years D&F
[11 - 12] 4th years P&C
[12 - 1 ] 7th years (SPEWT)

A treat from Mouse Adams. Thank you!

Class Agenda:

-Collect Homework
-Star Journal: What is a tradition at home for the holidays?
-Make Christmas star decorations for the classroom

Homework: Have a Lovely Holiday!

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