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In The Avatars of Darkness and Radiance:

As a human, Shaya's life was fast going downhill. Humanity was dwindling rapidly around him, and what was left of it was violent, desperate and hopeless. He got himself incepted by the first har that would take him. He was 17 at the time, and in his rush to become har, thinking it would solve all his problems, he didn't think clearly about all the implications of the transformation... and now he has to learn to live with it.

Humanity was dying, not solely from wars or disease or cataclysm, but from a combination of these. Against this tattered backdrop, a hermaphroditic mutation of male human stock evolved: a new race, outwardly androgynous males, but gifted with powers of the mind, possessing a wild, sensuous, almost supernatural beauty, and nearly immune from aging. This race was the Wraeththu.

The first Wraeththu, or hara, were 'incepted' from humans - physically changed - and only later began to produce offspring of their own. As the years passed the Wraeththu civilization gradually grew from a disorganized, confused band to develop into tribes, each with its own customs and defining physical attributes. Wraeththu cities and strongholds were established - and humanity eliminated over wide swathes of all continents.

The Wraeththu are perfect beings in one respect: physically beautiful, spiritually superior to humans and possessing faculties that humans do not, the perfect manifestation of male and female attributes. But in other ways they are flawed, deriving from humanity and no more immune from emotional complications than we ourselves. In a way, they possess some of the worst traits of both genders as well as the best.

The Wraeththu and their world were originally created by Storm Constantine in her Wraeththu trilogies. To learn more about the Wraeththu visit the Wraeththu Companion Web Site.


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The Avatars of Darkness and Radiance - Out of Print

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