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You got a problem with something?Etienne, aka Detective Inspector Etienne le Coureur.

Of Anglo-French birth, Etienne was originally a detective working for Scotland Yard in London but never fitted the mould - especially concealing his true nature in a country and occupation where lycanthropy was both detested and legally persecuted. He got a transfer to the Sureté in Paris where his kind are marginally more tolerated, in theory at least. It was on his arrival in the city he fell in with Amber and her new Laer, the wereleopard Raine. After some initial wariness between the two alpha males, a bond was slowly forged with Raine that led to him turning his back on the hypocrisy of the Sureté.

My Laer, Raine StormRaine and Etienne came to develop a nameless but strong pard of their own, forged out of their personal mission to eradicate the Ulfric Damien and his werewolf packs. Now that mission has been successfully completed, it's a time of change for them, a time to strengthen bonds as pardmates and lovers, and look ahead to the future. Having accepted Raine as Laer of their small pard, Etienne is both possessive and protective, and fiercely loyal despite occasional flashes of wilfulness that he swears are for Raine's own good... :)

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Tempest's Sanctuary
Shadows & Smoke

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