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Hello, all! Well, it certainly has been a while since I have been here. And look! I've won a Pandame! I am so very excited about it! I would write more in this little area just now, but it's very late at night, and I have to get to class in the morning, studying Healing with my father!!

Here's the post that won me an award!!

Dawn's brow twitched into a scowl. She didn't much like her father's current take on this training exercise. Granted, it was a rather interesting plan of action, but the danger involved in this particular simulation far exceeded the applause that might be awarded for the ingenuity of it. Dawn watched the glass orb hovering over her father's hands. It glowed with the deadly sickness simulated within it. Red shafts of light danced in mesmerizing flares, caressing the interior of the glass. They captured her attention, her eyes could not leave them, their beautiful dance. The flames sang to her soul. She heard her father speaking, answering some mundane question. She could feel her power itching and tingling to be free, to touch the glass, to pull that foreign, burning magic into her being.

"Miss Sparrow..."

Dariusí' voice was a shard of ice slicing through Dawn's transfixion. She shuddered, fear replacing the emptiness the wonder had left.

"Are you ready?" he asked. One of his eyebrows was raised; he knew she had been drawn to the illness, that she had fallen into the trap he had lain. That she had succumbed to the voice of the simulation. The very real danger of what she was about to undertake was seeping into her blood like icy water. Dawn pushed her clammy hands down the side of her robes. She filled her lungs with the sterile hospital air. When her mind was clear, she nodded. "Ready."

"Remember, you must not take it from me. I will give it to you, and then you will give it to Tremain."

The air prickled about her as the orb floated closer. Warm waves of magic floated off the simulated illness. She could feel them, warm as any true fire. Dawn held both hands before her, palms up, her thumbs touching. Her power was straining to embrace the orb. Dawn tightened her grasp on her powers. She allowed a small trickle to escape, letting it pool in her palms. She thickened that bit in her hands, built it up, thickened the air about her hands, creating a cushion for the orb. As it neared, inches from her hands, Dawn established blocks on her most vital of organs. She coated her veins with healing magic; whatever this disease felt like, she was not going to let it into her system.

Darius released the orb...

If you want to read more, check out my sequel post at Salem!!

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