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Rajan is an incepted Wraeththu. He willingly chose the life when he was barely twelve years old. Since then he's been happy and well adjusted, never once regretting the decision he'd made all those years ago.

He was incepted into a sizable tribe of Setics, more then enough members to raise him to Ulani. The leader at the time was a har named Danna. Over the years Rajan rose to second in command, despite his pigheadedness. Unlike most of the others, he refused to take a new name or to forget the boy he used to be. Rajan firmly believed that everything in his past shaped him to the har he was today. But along with that stubbornness was an arrogance that some times got him into trouble. He had to learn to temper it with wisdom, thus allowing him to become second only to Danna.

There finally came a time when Danna's tribe was being pressured to join a larger Setic tribe. Rajan had watched quietly as his leader tried to find a way to avoid this merger. But in the end, it was the death of Danna that forced Rajan to make the decision himself. He agreed to the merger in hopes it would save the last remaining har of his tribe. In exchange, Rajan was given a position of some power. Captain of the Guard for a very unpleasant har...

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