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Home Building 101

These pages are designed for those who have little or no experience with html and page editing so that you can decorate your home and profile pages to suit the character you are building. There are several styles of homes and profiles that I'm going to show you how to build: a simple border for your home; a static image called a "watermark" that the home information moves over as the image stays put (as this page does over the waterfall image); and how to organize with graphics and tables (Myrrhine) (Lady Gwendolen).

But, the very first thing that you have to do on your own computer before you try to do anything with the stuff I am going to be showing you is to have all the graphics files you plan on uploading to Panhistoria in a folder on your computer that you can use the "browse" feature to find easily. I have a major folder named: PanHistoria with subfolders named for each of my characters. Makes it a ton easier if I decide to redecorate!

For a home with a standard wallpaper:

  1. Go to the home page you want to decorate.
  2. On the left side of the page as you are looking at it you'll see two rows of buttons: top row has one Edit button, second row has an Edit button and an Add image button.

  3. Now, if you click upper Edit button, you will be sent to a window where you can browse to upload an image to represent your character's home. It doesn't have to be a building, it can be whatever helps you best "flesh out" the personality you are creating. Some folks actually get rid of the home image in order to emphasize the background they have chosen for their character's home by uploading a transparent .gif file ( General Jack O'Neill). Important note re: Home images: the "canvas" size of the image should be 200 pixels wide by 160 pixels tall. If your image is smaller, then create a blank square of that size and drop your picture into it. Save it as a .gif file if you want to see the page background sort of "through" the edges of your home image. OR, you can, if the image is "solid" or matches the background, you can save as a .jpg file. If your picture is either larger than OR smaller than the 200x160 canvas size, the program will force it to either grow or shrink to fill the "square." That is the first thing to check if you upload a home image and it looks, umm, let's say odd.
  4. The second row of buttons is where you can do the "heavy lifting" part of building your home. The instructions in this first section are for those of you who are uploading a standard wallpaper.
    • Hitting the "Add Image" button, gives you another message box.
    • Once there, hit the Browse button and use the drop down arrow the same way you do in other applications to find the image file you want to use.

    • Once you've found it, click on it to highlight it and then click "Open"
    • The name of the file is now in the "browse" box and you hit the Upload Image button. One important note: the file you are uploading cannot be any larger than 64 kilobytes (64k) and has to be a .gif file, a .jpg file or a .png file format. If you get a message that says "There is a problem with your upload" the most likely reason is that you've tried to upload a file of the wrong type or it is too large.
    • If file is of proper size and type, the system will upload it and take you to a screen that looks like this:

    • You need to copy and paste the code that appears in the box into a file on your computer because you are going to take part of this and paste it into the code for the background of your home.

    Now, go back to your home page and this time hit the Edit button that is next to Add Image. You will need to take the part of your code that starts with the http:// and ends with either .gif , .png or .jpg and copy that into this html code snippet. You can copy the code from this page and paste it into th same text file you have your img code in to make it easier to work on. Once you do that, you substitute the part from your home into the snippet.

  5. Once you've done that, go back to your home and hit Edit again. Now, at the very top (above any text you have put into the description) paste the code and hit the Update button. From the next screen you hit "Return" and you may have to hit the update (refresh) button of your browser to see it but that will get a basic wallpaper set up for you.

    Siku has a home using a plain black tile in order to highlight his home image.

    For a home with a static (watermarked) wallpaper:

    One way to use this sort of image for a home, it is one that is large enough to serve as a single background--without repeating (1784 pixels wide with a carefully placed Horus statue at the home of Nesnut Hatshepsut. The reason you have to be careful about that left hand image is to make sure it doesn't cover up the text on that side if the screen is shrunk down. Another way to use work with this idea is over at the home of Sarah Jane Smith. What she has done is carefully construct a 1784 pixel wide image that has four separate images spaced around a central blue square (that is the same color as the main text area). This lets her showcase all four of the Doctors she's travelled with as part of her home.

    In order to do this, the easiest is to use one of the free java script codes from Dynamic Drive (as they have) and substitute the image you have uploaded in the script.

    < BODY BACKGROUND="" border="0" alt="" border="0" bgproperties="fixed">

Once you've got this working, check the link that says "Need help decorating" for a wonderful place to personalize the headings and text styles on your page. With those colors now in place and your page ready for your story to be written, we can go on to the Profile page: why you have one and what can you do with it!

And there are some other pages here at PanHistoria that can be very helpful!

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