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Thank you, Mary McAllister, for the wonderful gift - a colorized portrait of myself!

In the The Io Effect Novel:

I have just witnessed the murder of my secretary and friend Brian Johnson. We were taken by force from the hotel within which I have been held under house arrest since having been transported from St. Petersburg to Perm by the Bolsheviks. The band who came for us at the hotel were so obviously a bunch of thugs, I insisted on calling the local Bolshevik council for they had assured me I would be freed eventually. This incensed the thugs who manhandled me into a conveyance and drove us to the forest outside Perm.

As I run to my friend to see to his injuries, I myself feel that I am shot. However, after a brief moment of blackness, I find myself in a grove of orange-like fruits within a pristine wilderness - an untouched new world that is basically like my own, only somehow not quite the same. Is this the afterlife?

Hey, Rosa. I hear you are the AntiChrist. Alexei and I had different results. See you at the big battle.
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Who would you be in the War of Armageddon?

The Archangel
You're the Archangel! You'd best fit the role of the Archangel during the Battle of Armageddon, the leader of heaven's army on earth. This says many things about you. You're the leader of all the angels, certainly the most powerful. You're very honest. You're not perfect but you're about as close as they come aside from The Father and Jesus. You fight for the forces of good but you certainly know your limits. There are a few you would not dare contend with...

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Look everyone! A Valentine's gift from Clare

Your Royal Highness, Mikhail~ Thank you so much for your contribution to the International Blessed Broodmare Project. Because of your kindness, we were able to save another horse from the slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico.Bless you! *S* To show our appreciation, we would like to give you a plaque to put on your site if you'd care to. Again, thank you! ...Louella McCandles

In The Time Lords novel:

Part of the historical background for the Rasputin's Revenge story:

My avatar was created by colorist Mary McAllister

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Zone : Science Fiction
The Io Effect - Out of Print

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Ivashko Grigoriev Tarkhan
Alexei Nikolaevich
Arnora Grimsdottir

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