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Sarah Dober's Maritime Pages

Map of 18th century Philadelphia



Stargate banner

I am Captain Sarah Dober, a USAF captain who has been a military UN advisor and has worked in the United Nations on peacekeeping/ peacemaking missions in the Sudan. I speak several languages and am a Revolutionary War reenactor, sometimes playing Deborah Sampson. I am a Philadelphia native who has lived in Germany and many other places. My mother is an army medic.

My team is SG-9, a diplomatic team. My teammates are Kitaneja of Knossos (archaeologist), Shauri Ta-Sherit, Kezia Wellington (marine), and Lt. Nathaniel Richardson (NPC).

I went to the US Air Force Academy outside of Colorado Springs, where I earned my Masters of Science in Foreign Area Studies. (Every degree there is an MS because of the technical content). I participated in intercollegiate volleyball, as well as intramural racquetball. Coming in as a Second Lieutenant, I was selected to attend graduate school and earned an MA in International Relations. Then I went as a military observer on the UN peacekeeping mission to the Sudan, or UNMIS. After four years, I promoted from 2nd Lieutenant, to 1st Lieutenant, to Captain. Throughout the years, I had dreamed of space, and I had visited Edwards AFB, where space shuttles might land. I never thought she would get to space, but now I am part of a team that walked among the stars.

Babylon 6

I am opening a bookstore, Galactic Book Haven

CD: Sarah Dober

Babylon 6: A New Era

Lion's Den

My husband Nathanael is a margrave (German marquess) and a descendant of the last Margrave of Moravia. Nathanael's mother is related to Philip the Upright, Elector Palatine, 1476-1508, who is the father of the current Elector Palatine, Louis V the Pacific (1508-1544)

We come to the English court because we advocated moderation for some of Ferdinand's more draconian rules, and we weren't well received. We have been in England for many years.

(Version 1:
I was born Sarah von Wittelsbach, daughter of the Elector of Palatine Louis V (1508-1544), in Mainz. My mother was Moravian and was born in the capital of Brno. I marry Lord Nathaniel Dober in England.)

Loyalist and Patriot

My husband Nathanael Dober and his partner Elisha Wellington have a print shop in Philadelphia, near Front and Market streets. I and Christopher's wife Kezia help out. Before the war, we imported books from London. We stock every type of book: school books, religious books, and practical manuals, as well as newspapers, almanacs, and pamphlets. We also publish a few books not in copyright. Besides books, we have stationary supplies, including paper, quills, ink, and wafers for sealing letters. We also sell cloth, tinware, medicines, jewelry, and even microscopes and and cases of mathematical instruments.

We are all interested in the latest in literature, astronomy, and archaeology.

I like to cook sausages, sauerbrater (sweet and sour pot roast), schnitz un knepp (dried apples and ham, topped with dumplings), zopf brot (sweet braided yeast bread), sauerkraut (pickled cabbage), and apfel kuchen (apple cake). I like syllabub at evening parties.

In my garden, I grow French and African marigolds, also called pot marigolds, bee balm, irises (Iris germanica), cabbage roses, carnations (also called clove pinks), cornflowers, English ivy, Fall crocus, Flame azaleas, Foxglove, and hackberries. I also have Redbud and Sourwood trees, as well as Pinkster shrubs.

Our children are Rosina, Hannah, Elias, Samuel, and Elisabeth. We have adopted Theresia (Tecumapease), who was the daughter of my husband's brother, Wilhelm.

Rosina - grown up
Hannah - likes music
Elias - loves music and plays
Samuel - loves plays and is interested in politics
Elisabeth - likes to talk with friends
Theresia/ Tecumapease -

My mother's family come from Krefeld, Germany 92 years ago, in 1684. She and my father live in Germantown.

My husband's family comes from the Palatinate in Germany. The brothers Henrich and Elias Dober came over in 1727, 49 years ago. Elias is my husband's father. Their father was Johan Leonhard Dober, who did not come over with them. My husband's mother is Hannah, and his brothers are Wilhelm and Hans.

My parents are Dorothea (Dietman) and Matthias Ridt.

Alexander Dietman came over from Krefeld to the colonies. He is the father of Daniel (Dan), who married Dorothea. They had three children, Daniel, Albrecht, and Dorothea -
Daniel (Danny): married Louisa, and they had Bernhard, Daniel, and Deborah. Deborah had Catharina.
Albrecht: married Carlotta (Lottie), and they had Susanna.
Dorothea: my mother. Married Matthias Ridt. They had me, Anna Catharina, and Herschel, who is engaged to Maria.

Herschel and Rosa came over from Halle. They had a son, Matthias, my father.

Sarah Dober (character development post)


My name is Sarah Dober, and I am a Daughter of Eve from England who was captured by South Seas pirates in December of 1937, and I am unfortunately still with the pirates when they unknowingly enter Narnia.

Times are hard in 1930s England, but Sarah Dober is an undergraduate at St. Hilda's College (a woman's college at Oxford University). Women have been full members at Oxford since 1920, you know, and there are four women's colleges. Dorothy Sayers is at another woman's college at Oxford: Somerville. Many of the male students have gotten used to women students, but not all. I enjoy taking early morning tea and eating at halls with maids. My brother, Albert, is also at Oxford, and while he wants to go home, but I want to stay. I have read the recently published Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics, written by an Oxford don named JRR Tolkien.

I like reading George MacDonald, GK Chesterton, and HG Wells. My nephew Walter reads the two-year-old comic Flash Gordon and loves the 1936 movie serial. I've read Agatha Christie's 1934 Murder on the Orient Express, and I have seen the 1933 King Kong movie. I listen to radio programmes. In 1936, the British Broadcasting Service started broadcasting television programs three hours a day; they were the first in the world to do so. I only saw a glimpse of the Berlin Olympics on a friend's set, but it was amazing.

My father is Bernard, my mother Dorothy, and mt brothers are Albert and Richard. Richard's son the Flash Gordon fan is Walter. Richard's wife is Elsie, and my best friends at school are Mabel and Edith.

I am of German descent. My mother's family came from the Palatinate to England in 1709, but my father's family came to the East End of London in the 19th century from Hamburg to work in the sugar refineries. The major sugar refineries were owned by Germans who liked to import German workers. It was hot, dangerous work, so the Dobers got out of that field as quickly as they could. They stayed in London but became tradesmen. During the First World War, my family feared being thought of as a Fifth Columnist and getting sent back to Germany, for we heard that some of German descent, whether they knew German or not, were deported. I have a few relatives in Manchester.

Narratives of Early America

My husband, Nathanael, and I, run Dober's Stationery and Bookstore in Philadelphia (Front and Market). We will join forces with the Wellingtons, when our store will become Dober and Wellington's.

My first husband was Joannus (Jan) Hendricksen, and we had Joseph. Jan's sisters are Jannetje (YAHN eh chuh)and Catarina. We lived in New York. Then Jan died. Then I married Nathanael Dober. He had a daughter, Patsy (Tecumapease) from a previous marriage. Together, we had:

  • Rosina b. 1766 - tomboy, reader, tries to act grown up
  • Sam b. 1767 - loves plays, thinks rebel leaders are cool
  • Hannah b. 1768 - loves music
  • Elias b. 1769 - energetic, loves music and stories
  • Elisabeth b. 1771 - chatters and likes stories

My husband was born in 1740. His father came over in 1727. My husband was captured in 1754 when he was 14, on a trip with his father to eastern Pennsylvania to develop contacts for Heinrich's shop. Nathanael returned after Pontiac's Rebellion in 1764.

Virgin Queen

I am the granddaughter of the Sarah Dober in Lion's Den (the time of Henry VIII). My parents are Elias Dober and Rosanna Wellington. My husband is Richard Henryson, and my children so far are Elizabeth and Rebecca. Kezia, granddaughter of the first Kezia; and Damiana, granddaughter of the first Damiana, are my cousins.

My husband Richard is an actor in an acting company in London: Queen Elizabeth's Men.

Early American Narratives Float

My Novels:

StarGate SG-1 - Out of Print
Babylon 6: A New Era
The Lion's Den
Star Wars: The Saga
Narnia: Beyond the Wardrobe
Zone : History
Early American Narratives
Zone : Science Fiction

My Reference:

Tudor Rose
Book of Ages
Stargazer's Menhir
The Symposia
Writer's Block

My Blog:

A Writer's Life

My Salons:

Paniverse Plottings

My Friends:

Kezia Wellington
Shauri TaSherit
Kitaneja of Knossos
Sojourner Mars
Anne Hutchinson
Nathaniel Martin

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StarGate SG-1 - Out of Print

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