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In Interstellar Geographic

Tayven Steele, ex-freighter pilot from a humble 'Martian white trash' background turned mercenary combat pilot, was on the run from his vindictive old mercenary outfit when he was rescued from the aftermath of a Reiver attack by the Interstellar Geographic exploration vessel Robert Ballard. His luck took a turn for the better, and he was taken on as one of the ship's rangers/scout pilots. While this unexpected (and most unorthodox) appointment might not have been approved by everyone on board the Ballard, at least one man seems pleased to have Tay become part of the crew....

In Spiral Galaxy

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Interstellar Geographic
Spiral Galaxy

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The Zero-G Chamber
Braeden's Command and Control
The Zen Salon
Greybourne Tavern

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Jamie Fitzpatrick
John Clayton Drummond
Gareth Maddox
Valjean Michel DAlembert
Shigeru Wakabayashi
Raine Storm
Nancy Harkness

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Interstellar Geographic

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