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   Page Fade In and Out

"Never used an Unforgivable Curse before, have you boy?" she yelled. She had abandoned her baby voice now. "You need to mean them, Potter! You need to really want to cause pain to enjoy it righteous anger won't hurt me for long I'll show how it is done, shall I? I'll give you a lesson "

Im sure you know who I am. And if not, my reputation will precede me. Cower away; hide in the shadows, for you know our first meeting will be filled with pain and our last will end in two words: Avada Kedavra.
Bellatrix likes lists...
For I fight on the side of darkness, engaging in a constant battle to see the purebloods triumph. I'm a sadist with a fondness for the Cruciatus curse and I have no compunction in using it when necessary.

I was born into the Black family, the sister of Narcissa Black Malfoy and cousin of Sirius Black. I subscribe enthusiastically to the Black family tradition of pureblood prejudice.

One thing you should know - I feel no remorse in indulging in torture if it will further my goals, although sometimes (okay mostly) I do it for fun.

I am capable of tremendous loyalty, even suffering imprisonment in Azkaban after refusing to recant my allegiance to the Dark Lord.

Something wicked this way comes...Me

Dementors have issues too... Bellatrix has officially lost her mind. At this time she is currently unable to speak for herself, so I have taken it as my duty (as her writer) to explain things somewhat.

The death of Narcissa has completly unhinged Bella. Finally she snapped and managed to apparate to Rhiannon's Wheel, somewhere in Wales. Currently she's not washing, eating, or being anything really. Actually, the poor dear thinks she's Narcissa and she is currently living with a small piglet she's named Catweazle, and having delusions that Lucius is dead, Voldemort is totally alive and well and torturing her family, and among other things carrying on a florid affair with the love of her life, Severus Snape.

On the other side of the coin, Harry is experiencing strange dreams of Bellatrix in a pink bikini and as the mother of his four children - the twins, Trixabell and Jodphurs, and the two boys, Guy and Gisburne. Who knows what might happen next, and if this poor writer will continue to spit tea across her desk or actually vomit from laughing so hard?

Favourite Bad Guy for Hogwarts

Best Mental Breakdown award at Hogwarts

Best Writer Award for Hogwarts

I'm in Slytherin!

No-one provokes me without punishment!

Visit my brother in law, Lucius.

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An Empire Divided: The Fall of Het-Uart - Out of Print
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Best Unwitting Magical Suicide
April 2007

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