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Ricchar d'Yvelines had taken up his duties as ambassador and spy for the King of France under the worst form of duress: the Queen Dowager had made it clear that his sister's life depended upon his obedience. And the interference of the Frankish royal family in his life did not stop there.

Knowing that as Phillipe's ambassador he had little chance to learn much at William's Court, Ricchar had seen a chance to use the recently returned Richenda d'Segre as his pawn. That she was young, beautiful and vulnerable suited his plans exactly. What he had not counted on was falling in love with the lady. Ricchar had no sooner asked permission to court Richenda of the Duchess Matilda when word arrived from Paris that Phillipe had bethrothed Richenda to a Saxon Earl so as to remind William who was ruler and who was subject. Worse yet, Phillipe had designated Ricchar as the man who would serve as both proxy groom and then as her escort to the home of her husband, Morkar of Bamburgh.

Somehow, Richenda obtained from the Duke the promise that should her Saxon husband not survive, she would retain his titles and lands and be able to marry Ricchar thus insuring their happiness and William the most loyal of subjects. All that remains now for d'Yvelines is the perfect hell of watching the woman he loves fall in love with her husband and be unable to say one word to remind her of what had gone before...

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