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The U.S. Air Force's premier theoretical astrophysicist, Samantha Carter was responsible for deciphering the Stargate address system and designing the dialing computer, allowing Earth to use the Stargate without its companion D.H.D. As a result, she has become Earth's leading authority on the Stargate and wormhole theory. So, if your clearance is high enough, you've been able to read her analyses and to understand just how far reaching the results of her work will be. Something she has come to understand all too well and is not altogether pleased with what she has helped let loose

There was that other thing, though..... Teal'c managed to capture the specific moment when one of Sam's more "colorful" experiments came to its conclusion. And Rodney McKay's never let her hear the end of it, either!

One thing I always made time for was relaxing with The Colonel--a good friend who has passed into the West. Miss ya, Big Guy!!

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All R Base Are Belong To You, Sam! You Rock! Thanks for keeping Stargate Alive!
Aug 27, 2009 02:41 pm
Amazing Self-Restraint
Aug 2007

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