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I am Tjeti, High Priest of Imen

I want to restore the true religion of Kemet, balance the scales once more, restore Ma'at, and ensure that our Per'aa is capable of leading our country back to greatness with every belly full.

I will do anything to achieve that goal. It doesn't hurt that there is a little desire for revenge in my heart. For it was the Heretic Per'a'a who struck directly at my heart.

I was a young man when I first was able to join my father in the festivals of Waset. The streets were full of people, flowers, the cries of the vendors, the chanting of the priests, and the scent of incense. As the eldest of my father's sons I walked beside him while my brothers kept pace behind. All three of us were awed by the festival, but I tried hard to keep my dignity as I was fast approaching manhood and wished to make my father proud.

One year later it was all different. The temples had been closed. The prophets of Amun all in hiding or dead. My father had been one of the causalities of the Heretic's pogroms. They had come to tell him that he must give up his staff of office, his leopard skin, and Amennakht had refused. In the tussle with the Heretic's soldiers that ensued he had been knocked to the ground and his head bashed in. I had been serving as w'ab priest to my father that day and I saw the whole violent crime.

Even as I supervised the details of my father's funeral, I had sworn my revenge upon the upstart forces that had offended and insulted the Hidden One and driven his prophets into hiding and exile. Never would I even pretend to honor Aten, the solar disc, as supreme Netjer, sole Netjer, or acknowledge the Heretic as the divine incarnation of God on earth. It was my strict adherence to Amun and the correct beliefs of the ancient people that had led to my elevation in the ranks of the prophets.

Welcome to Ancient Egypt!

Welcome to the per of Tjeti, Hem-Netjer Tepey ne Imen!

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Best Proposal in Ancient Egypt by a First Priest
Nov 22, 2010 04:48 pm
Best Disarmanenting of a Sister
Oct 03, 2010 04:15 pm

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