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In origin a Maia of Manwe and Varda, Gandalf came to the northwest of Middle-earth after a thousand years of the Third Age had passed, with four others of his order. At the Grey Havens, Cirdan entrusted him with the Red Ring, Narya, to aid him in contesting the will of Sauron.

Gandalf wandered widely in Middle-earth, and learned much of its races and peoples. Unlike his fellow Wizards Saruman and Radagast, he never settled in a single place. He was instrumental in the victory of the War of the Ring, but during that conflict he battled with a Balrog, and though he was ultimately victorious, his spirit left his body, but was sent back to Middle-earth to complete his task.

Gandalf finally left Middle-earth in 3021 (Third Age), when he departed over the sea with the Ring-bearers. Arrival in Middle-earth, c. III 1000
The Wizards arrived in Middle-earth after the end of the first millennium of the Third Age. They were sent by the Valar to aid Elves and Men, but none knew this but Cirdan the Shipwright, Lord of the Grey Havens where their ships put in. Though Saruman was at that time the acknowledged leader of the Wizards, Cirdan saw that Gandalf was in fact the greater, and secretly gave him the Red Ring Narya to aid him in his quest.
Exploration of Middle-earth, c. III 1000 to III 2463
For almost 1,500 years, Gandalf wandered the northern and western regions of Middle-earth, learning of its lands and cultures. He was closest in friendship with the Elves, and especially Elrond, who had learned of his origins from C�rdan.
The White Council, III 2463 to III 2953
At almost the same time as Gandalf had arrived in Middle-earth, a dark power had appeared in southern Mirkwood, at the evil place known as Dol Guldur. After a thousand years of his wanderings, Gandalf went there and drove the darkness into the east for a while. Soon it returned, and in 2463 (Third Age), the greatest among Wizards and Elves formed a White Council, with Gandalf as a prominent member, to counter the growing threat.
In 2850, he revisited Dol Guldur, to find that the power that held it had grown indeed during the eight hundred years since his last visit. He recognised the dark power now as Sauron returned, and escaped to inform the White Council. Before he escaped, though, he found Thror II broken in the pits of Dol Guldur, and though Thror died before Gandalf could help him, he did surrender a map and a key into the Wizard's keeping.
2941 was an important year for Gandalf. Not only did he take part in the White Council's expulsion of the Necromancer from Dol Guldur, but he also arranged for a party of Dwarves, accompanied by Bilbo Baggins, to travel to their ancient home of Erebor and free it from the dragon Smaug.

Gandalf's Appearance
Like all the Wizards, Gandalf had the appearance of an old man, who grew old slowly with the passage of the centuries. His hair was white, and his long white beard grew down below his waist. His eyebrows were particularly noticeable; they were so long and bushy that they stuck out from beneath the rim of his hat.
He dressed in a long grey cloak, which is perhaps the origin of his title 'The Grey'. He is also described as wearing a tall shady-brimmed pointed blue hat, a silver scarf, and long black boots. He carried at all times a spiked staff.

The Magic of Gandalf
Tolkien at no point defines what the limits of Gandalf's magic were. As a Maia, he had many natural abilities that would seem magical to mortal races, but he also had a great store of knowledge of more 'mechanical' magic, worked through spells and incantations, and especially through the agency of his staff. It is clear that he had far greater power, especially after his return as Gandalf the White, than he ever displayed in Middle-earth.
His magical powers seem to be particularly associated with fire, a fact that is perhaps related to the Ring of Fire, Narya, that he bore.

A Gandalf Miscellany
� Gandalf adopted the habit of pipe-smoking from the Hobbits. He often used his magical arts while smoking; he could change the colour of his smoke-rings, or send them in any direction he pleased.
� Gandalf's preferred drink was red wine.

"The character of Mithrandir, as portrayed in the novels by JRR Tolkien and in the Peter Jackson movie, "Lord of the Rings", remains the property of the Tolkien heirs and of New Line Cinema. Fan fiction written under this character is not intended to infringe upon any of the above copyright holders or their affiliates.." Avatar and home images adapted from the Peter Jackson movie, Lord of the RIngs


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Beware of Ronat.She is not what she's seems.
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Excellent explaination of the ancient prophecy and Tauriel's birth parents
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