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In Stargate!

The Abydos storyline covers several threads, so I have grouped them together:

In Stargate, I was born in the town of Nagada, on the planet of Abydos. When I meet the SG teams, I want to go with them to fight the Goa'uld who deceived and enslaved my people. I have always loved stories that take place in other lands, and I have dreamed of going beyond the Chappa'ai. I recently learned to fire weapons from my brothers Nafir and Sekhare, who were boy soldiers when Daniel came to Abydos.(They taught me in secret). I turn out to be a good shot. My teammates are going to be Kitaneja of Knossos, Sarah Dober, and Kezia Wellington. My mother's name is Hatip, my father is Intef, and my sister is Ahouri.

Stargate banner Stargate badge

I'm gathering my notes on Abydos:
Shen Abydos

You know you're obsessed about Pan Historia when...

In Babylon 6:

I work in the holo-museum. My co-workers:
Tamlyn Takashima, sisters Suzanne and Shen, mother Xiaoyi. Born on Earth. Father is Shiro.
Mariah Crayne
Derek Harriman

In PiRamesses:

I am the female mayor of Abydos, Hatyt-a n Adbw.

Visit my city of Abydos

Pilgrim badge

All I got was this badge

Visit my nomarch's page in the Eighth Nome

In the New Kingdom, I was born in the city of Abydos, my husand is Sekhare, my son is Rekhmire "Rikh," and my daughter is Samenkhet. My husband's parents are Intef and Khuyet. My mother is Hotep, my sister is Ahouri, and my brother is Nefer.

A gift from DesertDweller!


Explore Kemet

Kemet Nile2

New Kingdom

Kemet Social Board Posts:
A is for´┐Ż Abydos
D is for...Deshret
G is for...Giza
K is for... King lists
M is for...Mandet and Meseket
N is for... Nagada
O is for...Osiris
P is for Pyramids
R is for the Rosetta Stone
S is for Saqqara
T is for Thinis
U is for Um el-Ga'ab
U is for Udjat
W is for Wawat

New Kingdom Storyboards: Pyramid Alley

The Last One
Problems with the Costume
A Boat Sails In


McMentuhotep's of Abydos

Stargate SG-1: Abydos and Beyond

My Novels:

Star Wars: The Saga
Babylon 6: A New Era
StarGate SG-1 - Out of Print
Amarna - Out of Print

My Reference:

Infinite Worlds: The Realms of Speculative Fiction
Stargazer's Menhir

My Blog:

Shauri's Stargate Memories

My Salons:

Paniverse Plottings

My Friends:

Kitaneja of Knossos
Kezia Wellington
Sarah Dober

My Favorites:

My Pandas:

The Best Virtual Tour Ever Panda for the Perfect Costume Idea
Dec 12, 2020 10:56 pm
A Fitting Memorial for AmyCat
Nov 18, 2020 05:54 am
The Mother of Pots Panda for Great Information
Sep 30, 2020 01:57 am
And now you've been to Abydos!
May 21, 2020 06:38 am
The "There are two lists in Abydos and I am the more complete one" Panda for Extreme Cleverness in Disguising and Info Dump
Jan 01, 2020 12:39 am

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