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Leapin' Limericks Shamrock Badge Event March 2018

There once was an island named Crete
Where bull leaping was a great feat
A volcano arose
And erupted in woe
No more shall the bull leapers meet

Panhistoria Parade 2017

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Lion's Den

Kitaneja Tzimiskina was born south of Candia (Heraklion) in 1490 by the hill of Kefala in Crete.

At that time, Crete belonged to the Venetians and was part of the Most Serene Republic of Venice. It was called the Kingdom of Crete (Regno di Candia). Candia was the name of the island and its capital (Heraklion). Candia was considered the “first city after the first city” of the Venetian Republic.

Crete had been sold to Dandolo, the Doge of Venice, after the 1204 Crusade and was in Venetian hands by 1211. The previous rulers had been the Byzantines. The Byzantines called the city, Kastro. The Byzantines took the island from the Arabis in 961. Before that, Heraklion had been in Arab hands (since c 820s) and was called Rabdh el Khandaq or Chandax. The Arabs made Chandax the capital of the island. During the first Byzantine period, 4th-9th centuries AD, Candia was called Kastro or "castle", indicating there was a castle there. It was a small town. Gortys was the capital during the first Byzantine period. Before that, Crete had been in Greek and Minoan hands.

[Crete will remain Venetian until 1644, when it will fall to the Ottoman Empire. Candia will be renamed Heraklion in the early 19th century.].

The hill of Kefala is by the Kairatos River on the road to Archanes. It is 5 kilometers from Candia/Iraklion. Minos Kalokairinos will discover the archaeological site underneath the Hill of Kefala in 1878. He was a merchant from Iraklion who was interested in antiquities. But it will not become famous until Arthur Evans uncovers and publicizes the ruins of Knossos in 1900.

Kitaneja's mother, Nikephora Malalaina (Malalas), is descended from the local aristocracy of Crete and the last Byzantine governors of Crete. Byzantine control of Crete ended in 1204.

Her father is descended from a Constantinople scholar, Anastasios Tzimiskes, who emigrated from Constantinople in the early 1400s. Anastasios was a scholar at Magnaura University in Constantinople. His family became tired of living in fear of the Ottoman Empire and the Caliphs of Baghdad so they moved to Crete.

Anastasios brought with him part of his library of ancient Greek titles. He imported more titles over time. Before he died he had amassed a library with 46 titles by Euripides (27 of which are now lost), 24 plays of Aeschylus (18 of which are lost), 24 plays of Sophokles (17 of which are now lost), 7 plays by Achaeus of Eretria (all lost), 1 play by Neophron of Sicyon (now lost), 6 plays by Phrynichus (all lost), 5 plays by Theodectes (all lost), a novel by Euemeros of Messene about the gods being early kings (now lost), and Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. He also had Posidonius's books on history and astronomy (lost) and Pytheas' Travels to Britain, Jutland, the Orkneys, and the Shetlands (lost). All told he had over 118 different titles.

[In contrast, Cardinal Bessarion gave 752 manuscripts, 482 in Greek, to the city of Venice in 1468. His goal was to represent the best of extant classical Greek philosophy, rhetoric, drama, and history and to bring it West so it would survive the Fall of Constantinople. The gift was ignored for almost 50 years. It yielded the best manuscripts of Homer and one of the best manuscripts of Aristophanes].

Kitaneja's brother, Nikephoros Tzimiskes, moved to Venice to work in the printing press business. The German printing press was quickly adopted by Venice and Venice was the printing capital of the world by 1482. Aldus Manutius had invented paperback books that could be carried in a saddlebag. His Aldine Editions included translations of nearly all the known Greek manuscripts.

Nikephoros invited Kitaneja to Venice to meet his good friend, Alexios Orsini. Alexios Orsini was of mixed Venetian and Cretan heritage. Both Alexios and his father, Demetrios Orsini, were born in Candia. His mother, Nicolosia, is a cousin of the Giustiniani family of Venice. They have family members in Candia, Venice, and elsewhere.

Alexios was born in Crete but was educated at the University of Padua (founded 1222). Padua was ruled by the Venetians since 1405. Kitaneja liked the young scholar and the two married in Venice in 1507. Alexios and Nikephoros began to recopy some of Anastasios Tzimiskes's Byzantine library.

In 1509, Alexios Orsini moved his family to England at the invitation of Lorenzo Giustiniani, who heads the Venetian Consul in London. Kitaneja is often called Katherine in England.

Alexios Orsini is a printer and works as a secretary at the Venetian Consul. He would love to teach Greek in England but no one is interested.

Their children are:

Amphielissa - born 1508 in Venice
Alexander - born 1511 in London
Nicholas - born 1514 in London
(Helen - born 1517 in London)
(Christopher - born 1520 in London)
(Anna - born 1524 in London)


Lorenzo Giustiniani (Lawrence Justinian), Consul in London, in January 1509. Piero Pasqualigo was ambassador when Henry was 24 in 1515. Sebastiano Giustiniani is the Venetian ambassador in 1519 who meets Henry VIII and writes a famous description of Henry.

Some information from: EN-Heraklion-history.html#venetian_heraklion

The book, Venice: Lion City.

Star Wars: The Saga

Born: The planet Eliad in the Minos Cluster in the Outer Rim Territories. It is on the Rimma Trade Route (near the forgotten world of Dagobah). Eliad has a population of 6 million. Its best known feature is the Jesart desert.

Other worlds in the Minos Cluster include Adarlon, Gesaril, Karideph, Pergitor, Quockra-4, Shesharile 4 and 5, and Travnin. (Travnin is the capital and has the governor.)

Family: Kitaneja is a cousin to the (non-canonical) Tauromache or king, on her mother's side. This is a ritual position as officially (and canonically) the planet is ruled by a Governor.

Her husband is Sijapuros. He works with Tri-Nebula Entertainment, a media company that is based in the Minos Cluster. They are known for entertaining documentaries that don't let facts get in the way of a good story. Tri-Nebula Entertainment is owned by TriNebulon News, which is based in the Column Commons on Coruscant. He was educated at the University of Yelsain in the Minos Cluster. Yelsain is a heavily forested world that (non-canonically) has some transplants from the forest and swamp world of Dagobah, like Flower-fruit/Lahdia Fruit.

Her children are Pijasiros (Pija), Ariadneja, and Itaja. Pija is also an archeologist and is an intern at the Galactic Museum. He graduated from the University of New Knossa at Eliad. Ariadneja and Itaja will attend the University of Coruscant. Ariadneja is studying art and dance. Itaja does not know what he wants to study.


The Nebula Front is strongest in the Outer Rim regions of the Rimma Trade Route. The Minos Cluster is in the Outer Rim regions of the Rimma Trade Route so Kitaneja is very pro-Nebula Front. Kitaneja would argue that the Nebula Front are for the little people and are against the evil, big corportations, like the Trade Federation, and the Nebula Front has (so far) gone for civil protests.

(Note: This will soon change as a faction of the Nebula Front becomes more militant. They will hire Mirialan Arwen Cohl to strike at the Eriadu Trade Summit and fund attempts to assassinate Chancellor Valorum. Kitaneja will continue to favor the less militant parts of the Nebula Front even when senate resolution BR-0371 will introduce tariffs on major hyperspace trading routes in the Outer and Mid Rims to pay off the Galactic debt (a tariff favored by Senator Palpatine of Naboo).

Son Itaja can become a press intern for the senator for the Minos Cluster - compiling news clips, media monitoring, admin support, drafts press releases etc.

Senator on Coruscant: The senator of the Minos Cluster comes from Travnin - (made up) Felth Ardellian - he is power hungry and a little too willing to make deals. It is said he is backed by the powers behind the Minos-Mestra Mining Company.

His personal assistant (Zeth Vilrein) comes from Shesharile 5, where the mining headquarters are. Ardellian finds Prince Alaqsandu too haughty.

There are political advisors from the major planets, including Adarlon, Eliad, Gesaril, Karideph, and Shesharile 4 and 5:

Political Advisor from Adarlon - Malan Horada, his ancestors came from Alderaan. Political Advisor from Eliad - Prince Alaqsandu, who is Kitaneja's first cousin. (His mother, Heqaba, and Kitaneja's mother, Pasithaedra, are sisters. Political Advisor from Karidelph - Bria Mesoriaam, she is well respected by everyone Political Advisor from Sesharile 5 - Jaster Marr, he is senior advisor to the senator

Educated: University of Eriadu (Eriadu, the "Coruscant of the Outer Rim", is coreward on the Rimma Trade Route). Field of Study: Archeology. Specialty: Rakatan Infinite Empire Period (30,000 - 25,200 BBY)

Occupation: Archeaoastronomer and Archeosentientologist

Archeological Experience:

Digs on the following Rakatan worlds: Alzoc, Tatooine, Malastare, Manaan, Duro, Kashyyk in the Mytaranor sector, Ossus, Dantooine

Additional Experience: As an undergraduate, Kitaneja worked on Near Pando in Hutt Space to study the ancient ruins of the Malabar Construct. Near Pando is a fledgling trade world at the "southern" end of Hutt space.

Current Home base: On a long-term sabbatical to the Galactic Museum on Coruscant. Also working on a dig at Coruscant. Coruscant was another former Rakatan world.

The Minos Cluster has a reputation as being a haven for pirates and other scoundrels. The people of the Minos Cluster are trying to change that image. To that end they have built the (non-canonical) New Knossa Labyrinth, which is a complex with shopping, restaurants, a fancy hotel, a museum, a university, and a palace. Kitaneja taught at the University of New Knossa and worked at the New Knossa Museum before moving to Coruscant. On Coruscant she hopes to learn the latest techniques in museology (museum studies) so that she can transform the New Knossa Museum into a first class museum. New Knossa takes its name from the ruins of Knossa on Ossus.

Pets: Kitaneja has acquired several exotic pets from her extended stays on other planets. From Dantooine she has an iriaz, which is like a cross between a spotted dog and an antelope, and two balloonlike fabool, which float in the atmosphere like balls with tiny arms, feet, and ears.

Artifacts: She has shellwork from Eriadu. Before 900 BBY, Eriadu was known for its shellwork. The Eriaduan flow-mollusk became extinct some time after 900 BBY because of the increasing pollution on Eriadu.

She also has a lapis statue of a torsk from Alzoc III. Torsks are creatures of Alzoc III. Alzoc III is the home of the Talz, the white and gray furred creatures with four eyes that appear in the cantinas of Tatooine.

Lapis is (non-canonically) also a popular stone in the Minos Cluster and she has many lapis objects from home. She also has a holo that rotates through scenes of the old Jedi complex on Ossus.

She also has objects of Alzoc pearl, from Alzoc III.

She has wroshyr wood objects from Kashyyyk.

Favorite Cuisines: From her time spent on various digs she has developed a taste for exotic cuisines, such as the foods of Kashyyyk, Tatooine, and the Hutts. She also likes local drinks like Shesharilan Vodka and Tyrellian Ale.

Cooking of the Minos Cluster: Shesharilian Vodka and Spot-Luma are the best known food products from the Minos Cluster. They are both alcoholic drinks. In addition (I say that) the food of the Minos Cluster has been influenced by the worlds around it. They drink Bellorian Ale (a malted, fermented drink from the nearby Elrood Sector) and Meir Wine from Sullust. They also drink Lahdia Fruit or Flower-Fruit Juice (Dagobah by way of Yelsain).

They eat Adder Moss Cakes (a spongy, spicy snack) that originated on Dagobah but is also found in surrounding areas like Naboo (and I say, the Minos Cluster). They also eat (Sullustan) Patka Meat with a (Elrood Sector) Bellorian Ale Sauce, (Sullustan) Patka Meat and (Dagobah/Naboo) Adder Moss Stew, Shaak steaks (Naboo) in a Meir Wine Sauce (Sullust), Shaak (Naboo) and Adder Moss (Dagobah/Naboo) Sandwich, and Shaak (Naboo) and Cheese Sandwich with topatoes.

Favorite Music: Deva music, which is a type of music that was created on the planet Adarlon. Adarlon is a planet in Minos Cluster.

Airspeeders for travel within Coruscant:

Kitaneja - Gaba-18 Airspeeder. The Gaba-18 was the most comfortable of the family spacecrafts with an enclosed canopy, excellent climate controls, and lots of room for snacks. The holo-receiver on her Gaba-18 was far superior to the small communications unit on the skyhopper.

Sijapuros - The triangular skyhopper was very maneuverable and reliable. He has a used one as they are very expensive.

The kids - Ariadneja and Itaja especially like their stylish M31 Airspeeder with its open canopy.

Interstellar Ships:

Kitaneja's brother, Astarion, has the Minos Taurion. The Minos Taurion is a fancy new Corellian YT-1300 (like the Millennium Falcon) with a SoroSuub Boav Ion Drive and a Corellian Avatar - 10 as a backup hyperdrive (X2).

Kitaneja's sister, Arianaja, has a ship called the Knossa Queen, which is a Corellian YT-1210 (that looks like the saucer section from Star Trek), with a X1 SoroSuub Girrfyn-XTG light speed unit and an X4 Rendili StarDrive ATX-5 as a backup drive.

Kitaneja's personal ship is the Lady of the Labyrinth, which is a Corellian YT-1210 with an X2 Corellian Avatar-10 as the main drive and an X5 Sienar Fleet Systems Lifesaver 1000 Reserve Hyperdrive as the backup unit.

She will start the Outer Rim Club on Coruscant.

Nomarch of the 14th Nome of Lower Kemet

I am the nomarch of Khent Abt, the 14th nome of Lower Kemet (Egypt).

Fifth Nome

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