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   I'iwy Em hotep!

Welcome in peace to the Palace of
Maatkare Hatshepsut.

 Fifth ruler of the 18th. Dynasty. Started to rule in 1479 as regent of his nephew Thutmose III, who was too young to became King after Thutmose II passed to West. They ruled joined until 1473 when She declared Herself Pharaoh.

Horus Powerful of Kau
Two Ladies Flourishing of Years
Female Horus of Fine Gold, Divine of Diadems
King of Upper and lower Egypt, Maatkare
Daughter of Ra, Khenmet Amen Hatshepsut

Dressed in men attire, Hatshepsut administered affairs of the nation with the full support of highly ranked officials and, most important, of the High Priest of Amun Hapuseneb who spoke the God oracle which legitimated Her ascend to the throne of the Two Lands.

                 "Homage Thee, oh powerful Amun Ra!
                   Your breath gave Me life.
                   Homage Thee, oh mighty Amun! Lord of Kingship!
                   Your love made me You Wife!
                  You had covered me with Your grace,
                  at your honor, EM Ma'at I rule this land,
                  for Your glory and Yourself,
                  because nothing exists outside you"

 Maatkare Hatshepsut, made built Her Temple nestled against the cliffs of Western Waset, on the west side of Iteru.  It is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, ancient Egyptians called it "Djeser-djeseru" which means "sacred of sacreds". It holds the relieves of Her divine birth as daughter of Amun-Ra and the ones showing Her most important trade's acquirement, the expeditions to Punt.   

The temple was built under  the directive hand of the most important man during Her reign: Senenmut, Her Vizier and right hand, to whom She also left the construction of Her tomb in The Place of Truth, after apoint him as Chief Architect (one of the 40 titles he held during Her reign).


This Per is still under construction, please come back in a couple of days so you'll see it finished!

©2004 MH

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