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I am Dr Devon Jarha
And I am a Rimrunner

Born: Stardate unknown
Birth Name: Classified
Rank: Classified

I was born on one of the outer planets smack dab in the middle of live fire. My mother who was a Rimrunner and soldier dropped me three clicks from enemy territory. And that is about all I know about my mother. She died when I was three days old. By then I was well on my way to the Rim and to her family. They took me in and taught me everything I know about war. It was my father who sent me to advanced schooling so that I might become a scientist and not have to die like my mother did. My father's name and rank are classified. Even to me but when I really need him he usually comes through for me. He was very distraught when he found out I had been chosen for the assignment of infiltrating Dr MacRoth's lab team. He felt I was not up to the task of stealing the time technology. I think he forgets I am my mother's daughter.

I have advanced training in espionage and most forms of warfare. I am capable with a weapon and have no qualms about killing. I do have a weakness but just one.

The Maiden and the Raven

The maiden to the raven called,
"You wisest of all birds:
Come tell me how to choose a man,
Please give me your wise words."

"To choose a man from other men,"
The black bird did respond,
"Look for a man with tender eyes
And ways both strong and fond.

Choose not a man with temper swift,
Nor slowness to begin:
Use heart and mind the man to find
That you will wish to win."

The maiden to the raven said,
"Ah! Your advice is sound:
Now tell me how to win the man
That I have finally found."

"To win the man that you would wed,"
The black bird made reply,
"Be always just beyond his reach,
And, with a laughing eye,

Be lithe, be sweet, be smiling, but
Him never meet alone:
This is the plan to win your man
And make him all your own."

The maiden to the raven cried,
"Come, tell to me the way
That I may keep my husband's love
That he will never stray."

"To keep your husband's love for e'er,"
The black bird did reply,
"You must stop his beating heart
When he to sleep doth lie:

For men, as you should know by now,
Do never bide in peace,
No trick will prove to bind their love,
Or make their rovings cease."


My thanks to RavenWolf for his patience in teaching
me how to embed a table and for his instruction in making one
Also to Cairo for letting me nix the code that lights up my links!

I'm a Pan Addict!

My Novels:

Spiral Galaxy
Tempest's Sanctuary
Sacred and Profane
Saints and Sinners
Shadows & Smoke
Into the Abyss

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Tayven Steele
Ilia de Tourvel
Kizata Dimitriou

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The Avatars of Darkness and Radiance - Out of Print

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