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The only living son of a minor lord, Raphael is the heir to a title and small acreage of lands in Vadera. He's a lifelong friend and contemporary to Prince Rudolpho Valentino of Vadera, though he's very conscious of the fact that he's far below Rudolpho in rank.

Raphael's father, Lord Thomas DeLancy, was the Senior Adviser to Prince Rudolpho Valentino of Vadera's father, and the two boys were schooled and raised together as companions. Lord Thomas DeLancy is currently Prince Rudolpho's top adviser as well, and the man who carries out Prince Rudolpho's orders while Rudolpho is in Alalandria.

Raphael is trained in most of the arts of combat and warfare, including jousting, fencing, swordplay, archery, and horseback. He's been on two campaigns, discharging his duties well. He loves to hawk and hunt, and never passes up the opportunity to participate in a tourney.

Currently, Raphael has followed Prince Rudolpho to Alalandria. He's quite taken with the Court of the Grand Duke of Alalandria, as well as with all the lovely Ladies he's seen and is hoping to meet.

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