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   In the The Romanovs - One Last Dance Novel:

Elena Vladimirovna
Baby me..1883

Hello! I'm Her Imperial and Royal Highness Princess Nicholas of Greece and Denmark, Grand Duchess of Russia! pleased to meet you!

Nicholas? No Nicholas isn't my name, it my husband's! A Princess is officially called that way if she isn't a Crown Princess or unmarried, in many cases like a surname. My name is Elena Vladimirovna...pardon? Oh yes, A Grand Duchess you say, even better I was born a Russian Grand Duchess! I married a Prince of Greece and Denmark!

My nickname is Ellen, but you may not call me that without my permission! Your Highness, will do!

At Tsarskoye Selo - on January 17th, 1882, I entered into the world as the only daughter and youngest child of His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich of Russia and his wife Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Maria Pavelovna (born, Duchess Marie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin) the oldest and only daughter of the Grand Duke Frederich Franz II of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and his first wife Grand Duchess Auguste (born, Princess of Reuss-Schleiz-Köstritz). My parents enjoy entertaining and their residence in St. Petersburg became the heart of the Imperial capital social life as they were well suited to each other. they had a long and happy marriage.

I was named after my great-great-grandmother the Grand Duchess Elena Pavelovna of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, a daughter of Tsar Paul of Russia! My namesake’s grandmother Catherine the Great name her “Elena” (or “Yelena” form the Russian spelling “Еленa”) after Helen of Troy, because my ancestress was known to a beauty. The name “Elena” means “shining light” and also means “moon” in Greek, as you can tell am already a star in the family.

'With My Family, the Vladimirovichi Branch' c. 1888- Andrei, Kyril, Papa, Mama, myself and Boris.

Papa was the third son and forth child of His Imperial Majesty Tsar Alexander II of Russia and his wife consort Tsarina Maria Alexandrovna (born, Princess Marie of Hesse). After the death of his oldest brother Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich in 1865. My Papa was second in line for the Throne after the new Tsarevich Alexander Alexandrovich "Uncle Sasha" later Tsar Alexander III. Papa and Uncle Sasha were both good men, however they never got along and became Rivals at Court and since my Mama is German born, his wife Maria Fyodorovna (born, Princess Dagmar of Denmark ) "Aunt Minnie" hated all Germans. So Mama and Aunt Minnie too became rivals. As I was my Papa's little darling and was greatly loved by my family as the Baby.

Once called "The Grandest of All Russian Grand Duchesses" was my Mama whom was very ambitious and clever woman, made us children to never forgot that we we're high ranking members of the Imperial House of Romanov and never allowing us to forget for a moment that we were Royalty in the Largest and Holiest Empire in the World. We must appear to others as snobbish and grandiose but we do not forgot our manners! Well most of the time...

I being the youngest and only girl I was under the playful but roughness mercy of my brothers- Grand Dukes Kyril (born. 1876), Boris (born.1877) and Andrei Vladimirovich (born. 1879); I did have a fourth brother, whom was Papa and Mama's firstborn, Grand Duke Alexander Vladimirovich, born in 1875 however died in 1877 before Boris was born.

Whatever my brothers did, I did my best to keep up with them. Once after seeing a performance of Othello they nearly smothered me to death with pillows! Then another time we went to Finland to have treatments - they put a rope around my waist and hoisted me up to the top of a flagpole!!! My brothers are all good humored and handsome, however they lack the sense of duty!

My eldest brother Kyril Vladimirovich was the handsomest and possibly must responsible out of my brothers. He did his imperial duties well and joined the Imperial Navy after graduating from the Sea Cadet Corps and Nikolaev Naval Academy. He was what a well breed Grand Duke should be! However when it come finding a wife, it’s a bit of a distress for us Romanovs as Kyril was in love with our first cousin Her Royal Highness Princess Victoria Melita of Edinburgh and of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha “Ducky” since their youth.

Ducky was the second daughter of Papa's sister Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna and her husband Prince Alfred - Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha, the second son of England's Queen Victoria and her consort Prince Albert. A tall dark beauty with lovely violet eyes. A good match! alas they could not marry since Ducky was already married to Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse-Darmstadt "Ernie", her first cousin on her father's side, he was another Grandchild of Queen Victoria, whom made the two marry in 1894. Also marriage between first cousins is forbid in the Russian Orthodox Church unless the Tsar allowed permission which was unlikely to happen since our families aren't close or really loving to another.

Ernie and Ducky were unhappy and they had one child together - a beautiful daughter - Princess Elisabeth. When Queen Victoria died in January 1901, the couple divorced by end of the year and had share custody of their daughter until the poor little dear's sudden death from typhoid in 1903 at the age of eight.

During this time, Mama and Papa disapproved of Kyril marring Ducky at first but then give in after Kyril was nearly killed in the Russo-Japanese War in 1905. Shortly afterwards they married in October, however without the Tsar's permission and the rage of the Tsarina Alexandra Fyodorovna “Alix” (born, Princess Alix of Hesse), Ernie's youngest sister. They were exiled for few years from Russia and then in 1910 they were officially allowed back in Russia, with titles, honors and decorations of that of a Romanov Grand Ducal couple should held.

They had three children- Princess Maria Kirillovna in Coburg, Germany on February 2nd, 1907; Princess Kyra Kirillovna in Paris, France on May 9th, 1909: and Prince Vladimir Kirillovich in Porvoo, Finland, on August 30th, 1917. None of the children were born in the Russian Empire.

After Kyril and his family escaped the Revolution and the ungodly murders of many members of my family (including the Tsar, his wife and their dear five children) my brother declared himself "Curator of the Russian Throne," a title which did not exist. Two years later, on August 31st 1924, he went a step further and assumed the title Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias and making his daughters Maria and Kyra - Grand Duchesses, and his son Grand Duke & Tsesarevich - the Heir of the Russian Throne in exile. I didn't approve of this nor did I support Kyril.

My Brother Boris Vladimirovich, my favorite brother and Mama's favorite Child, the most charming of all Grand Dukes alas was a famous playboy! He had many mistresses from loose noblewomen to street prostitutes. He was called ‘the terror of jealous husbands as well as of watchful mothers'. In 1896 during the coronation ceremonies of our cousin Nicky, he flirted with our cousin Crown Princess Maria of Romania “Missy”, Ducky’s married sister! The next year, he visited Missy in Bucharest, fueling more rumors. Even a rumor saying that he fathered her second daughter Princess Maria "Mignon" in 1900, which is pure nonsense!

My mother disapproved of his lifestyle and in 1916 even wanting him to marry Cousin Nicky’s oldest daughter the Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaievna, a fair and innocent creature of twenty-one years. However her mother greatly disapproved and the refusal provoked my Mama whom always disliked Alix to the point of evil and even wishing Alix to suffer a great fate!

Two years after the Revolution in 1919 he married his current mistress, called Rashevskaya, a young commoner whom was a widow of a military officer. Mama and I greatly disapproved of this match. Boris' little wife whom was old enough to be his daughter and was even younger then Olga Nikolaievna!

My brother Andrei Vladimirovich was a shy and loving gentleman. He had one Mistress for many years, the Prima Ballerina Mathilde Kschessinskaya. Kschessinskaya had previously been the mistress of cousin Nicky during his youth and of our cousin Grand Duke Sergey Mikhailovich for many years! She had a son by either my brother or our cousin in 1902, which she named after MY Papa!! What a scandalous woman! Mama of course, greatly disapproved of her not that she was a commoner because she was loose and unsuitable to be even a morganatic wife of a Grand Duke!

After Kyril became “Curator of the Russian Throne” and needed support, grain those women titles of ‘Princesses’ which I disaproved of greatly and never had I once spoken to my ‘sisters-in-law’ the Ballerina or Boris' little common wife. I outlived all my brothers and dearest Ducky. Ducky died in 1936, Kyril in 1938, Boris in 1943 and Andrei in 1956.

As child, I was rather wild with a hot temper. An Artist when I was four years old, along with my Nurse at the time, became victims of my fury and I nearly attacking them with a paper knife! My behavior was possibly due to the fact of how I was raised as my Aunt Minnie, once wrote :

"Poor little thing! I feel so sorry for her! She really quite sweet, but vain and pretty grandiose!"

My first language was English. My brothers and I had an English Nanny Millicent Crofts “Milly” in our early days that sing English nursery rhymes and later read to us of English novels like ‘Oliver Twist’ and ‘Barnaby Rudge’ despite our parents pro-German sympathies. Also Russian and French we learn early since the Russian court’s official language was French and while Russian is the native language of course.

In the Russian court, while I enter my teens I was known as "la Belle Hélène" after the heroine of Offenbach's opera based on the legend of Helen of Troy. I have had a few gentlemen that fall in love with me; as for an example, Prince Felix Felixovich Yussuopov, wrote in his Memoirs:

“For a long time I was in love with her (the Grand Duchess Vladimir) daughter the Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna. Later Princess Nicholas of Greece, whose beauty fascinated me! She had the loveliest eyes imaginable, and everyone fell under her charm. She also had a passionate and tempestuous nature. 'A princess in need of love.'"

Prince Felix married my cousins Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna and her husband Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich "Sandro" (Sergey's brother)'s pretty daughter Princess Irina Alexandrovna, in 1914.

In 1898, I was initially engaged to His Royal Highness Prince Max of Baden, heir to his elderly uncle the Grand Duke of Baden. I was related to Max by his great-grandmother whom was a Russian Grand Duchess and a sister of my grandfather Alexander II. However Max called off the engagement and later married a Hanoverian princess in 1900. Mama was furious and I was terrible upset by this rejection and humiliation. Afterwards my Mama had her sight on His Royal Highness Prince Albert of Belgium, the heir of his wicked Uncle King Leopold II. Before Mama and I could invite the Prince to Russia, he because engaged to a Bavarian Duchess. Alas I gave up on becoming a future Queen. Mama however was still in vain searching for a husband for me. The Court gossiped about my difficulty in finding a husband. Which is quite odd, being a pretty Grand Duchess that is an IMPERIAL Highness and very rich?!? No crown Princes or Kings came to our Palace to ask for my hand.

In 1900, I met His Royal Highness Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark "Nicky" (or "Greek Nicky" to us Russians), the third son of George I, the King of the Hellenes, and his wife Queen Olga (born, Grand Duchess Olga Constantinovna of Russia), whom is Papa's cousin. An honest man with a great talent of the arts, and a great sense of humor (also handsome!) we fell in love with each other after taking a long ride together in the Imperial Park at Tsarskoye Selo.

'Greek’ Nicky first proposed in 1900, but my Mama was reluctant to allow me to marry a younger son with no real fortune or prospects of inheriting a throne. Besides my Mama, Aunt Minnie too had misgivings and wrote :

“Their upbringing and their ways of looking at things are so different and divergent. A great deal of patience will be demanded on both sides...It true that she (Ellen) has a very brusque and arrogant tone that can shock people!..."

Nicky and I hope for the best and even after a year without a suitor in Mama's sight and with the help of Nicky's mother Queen Olga, Mama gave her blessing and then we were finally and officially engaged !

Nicky and I were married on August 29th, 1902, at Tsarskoye Selo, Russia. Besides my 'grand manner' as my in-laws put it, along with my Mama cause some difficulties within the two families and the Greek Court, however our marriage was to be a happy one which least for thirty-eight years until my beloved husband's death.

We spent part of our honeymoon at the Ropcha Palace, were Tsar Peter III was assassinated, an odd place to have a honeymoon however it was beautiful during the summer and was a charming little Palace! My husband also enjoyed hunting wild duck which was plentiful in the lake in the Palace’s park. Afterwards we head for Denmark where Nicky introduce me to his Danish family, which was pleasant yet they had such middle class morals for Royalty! Then we return to Russia to say my final farewell to my family and staying with our Cousin the Tsar and his young family for a few days in Livadia. Within a few weeks, I left my beloved Russia for my new home and country, Greece!

We settled between aparments in the King's Palace in Athens and at the Tatoi Palace, the royal summer home on the outskirts of Athens. Later we moved into our own home, at the newly and fashionably built Nicholas Palace, a wedding gift from our cousin the Tsar, whom was good friends with my Nicky since their childhood.

The Nicholas Palace, was near to the larger but less comfortable Royal Palace, the balcony of the first floor drawing room looked out onto the Royal gardens. It was described as the "most comfortable, elegant and modern building in the city, with hot and cold running water, several bathrooms, central heating, and furnished 'more like a museum than a private house.'" It had a flight of marble stairs and the grounds, although relatively small by royal standards, included a fountain, a rockery, and bushes of pink and white oleander. The Nicholas Palace was our very own home and we loved it so. For the next fourteen years it would be our little heaven on earth.

I was very happy with my down to earth and fun loving husband Nicky, whom I adored deeply and he admired me! I called him "My Angel."

I found it easy in Greece, a very beautiful country indeed alas my beloved Russia will always be the land of my birth. I was greatly fond of my in-laws the King and Queen.

I also got along with Nicky's brothers -however- I don’t much like neither their wives nor my sister-in-law, the strange Princess Maria of Greece whom married my cousin Grand Duke Georgiy Mikhailovich (Sergey and Sandro's brother) a year earlier. None of us ever got a long successfully! I dreaded my brother-in-law Prince George's French and unusual wife, Princess Marie Bonaparte the most by her strange and insulting behavior towards me! which not even the Crown Princess Sophia, a Prussian Princess, would never dare to do!

Years later however during war occupations in Greece, I became friends with my low ranking sister-in-law Princess Alice of Battenberg, the wife of Nicky’s younger brother Prince Andreas. Alice and Andreas married in 1903 and had five children between 1905 to 1921!

Alice was blonde, pretty and deaf! In our early years in Greece we learned Greek together and we both through ourselves into charity work. My daughters and her four little girls were the best of friends. She was the eldest daughter of a morganatic born Prince Louis of Battenberg, later the First Sea Lord of the British Navy and his wife Victoria (born, Princess of Hesse) Ernie's oldest sister. Alice had many health Issues and after the birth of their youngest child, Prince Philip in 1921, her husband and her drifted apart and by the 30s, they lived apart and after 1939, never saw each other again! quite sad really. Much later in life after her son married the future Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, Alice started an Orthodox nursing order of nuns known as the Christian Sisterhood of Martha and Mary; in the example of our aunt the saintly and beautiful Grand Duchess Elizaveta Fyodorevna "Aunt Ella".

Aunt Ella (born, Princess Elisabeth of Hesse) another sister of Ernie’s, was a beauty and well liked by all. After the death of her husband, my uncle the Grand Duke Sergey Alexandrovich, she became a nun and later the founder and Abbess of Martha and Mary Convert in Moscow, in the year 1909. Aunt Ella too was killed by the Red Bolsheviks in 1918 and later her remains were taken to Jerusalem where they lie today in the Church of Saint Maria Magdalene.

Nicky and I had three beautiful daughters :

Our first child, Princess Olga, was born on July 11th, 1903 at the Tatoi Palace. She was beautiful, fair with dark blonde hair and blue eyes that later turned grey. We named her after Nicky's mother the Queen. "Olga was merry, philosophical and practical", which my brother-in-law Prince Christopher wrote in his memoirs, "she was always the quietest out of her sisters". Olga was extremely fond of babies and once told my husband (she called me “Mummy," and Nicky was "Poppy") that when she grew up she wanted "at least one hundred," of her own. She kept a diary like most royal princesses in her time.

In the early 1920s, I know it was time to have my daughters married off to good Royal families, first I thought of my Olga as the next Queen of Denmark. As time went on Olga became initially engaged to my first cousin Alexandrine "Aline" (born, Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin), Queen of Denmark's oldest boy and heir His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark. Alas! The engagement was called off a year later after about three postponed wedding dates. Reason why that they didn’t love each other, and Nicky and I didn’t want our girl to marry without love! In 1935, he married the Crown Prince of Sweden's only daughter.

Not long afterwards and right under my nose - Olga was in love with someone else! She became engaged to His Royal Highness Prince Paul of Yugoslavia, cousin of the King Alexander I of Yugoslavia and later became Regent for Alexander's young son the future Peter II. I didn’t very much like the idea for my daughter to marry a ‘cousin’ of the king, however since they were in love and that Nicky was fond of Paul - I gave my consent and blessing despite of my true feelings. Olga became second lady of the county after the young Queen Maria, Cousin Missy’s daughter.

On October 22nd, 1923, Olga and Paul married in Belgrade. Later they were blessed with three children: Prince Alexander (August 13, 1924), Prince Nikola (born: 1928) and Princess Elizabeth (born: 1936).

During WWII Olga and her family were exiled and kept under house arrest by the British in Kenya. It was something I did not want my daughter to go through again even once after she was married, I blamed Paul for that. My daughter Olga lived to old age and passed way on October 16th, 1997, (in exile!) in Paris, France.

On May 24th, 1904, our second child, another little daughter, Princess Elizabeth was born also at Tatoi Palace. A dark beauty with thick curly brown hair and lovely light blue eyes, she took after me the most in looks. Nicknamed 'Woolly' as a youngster, on account of her thick unmanageable hair. Elizabeth was apparently as sweet and good-natured a princess as there ever was. Elizabeth was also amusing, charming and more retiring than her sisters, who insisted that she had the nicest nature of them all by far. She loved outdoorsy pursuits and was a fearless horsewoman. She had a talent for painting, but wasn't overly interested. My husband once teased her, telling her she was "A disappointment--you like horses better than art!" Being so close in age, Olga and Elizabeth were almost like twins, and did everything together.

Around the same time finding a husband for my Olga, I spent a long summer in Italy with the Italian Royal Family. The Queen Elena (born, Princess Jelena of Montenegro), a disant relative and a dear friend of mine whom came up with the idea for a match for her only son the Crown Prince Umberto with my daughter Elisabeth as the future Queen of Italy! However no engagement took place and the relation was much like Olga's match with the Crown Prince of Denmark. Umberto married Princess Marie José of Belgium in 1930; her father was one of my former suitors’- Prince Albert whom became the King of Belgians’ in 1909.

In 1906, I was with child for the third time; however this time the pregnancy was very difficult. On December 13th, 1906, our youngest and last child, Princess Marina was born in our home at the Nicholas Palace. We named the little one after the popular Greek Saint Marina, which was a well approved by my in-laws the King and Queen. Marina, as the youngest, was invariably called 'Baby.' She was born with her left foot twisted, and later needed surgery to correct the problem. When she was little she had a noticeable limp, but as an adult it had become nothing more than a 'slight awkwardness in her walk' Marina, unlike her sisters, was neither fair nor dark. Her hair was brown and more manageable than Elizabeth's wild locks, and her eyes were a pale amber-brown, with a ring of her father's grey-green eye color around them. A real beauty! As a small girl she was a stubborn little person, and very particular about her hair and dress. Unlike her elder sisters, she couldn't stand to be messy. She was a very talented artist and would always illustrate letters to family so humorously that it would often reduce the recipient us to tears. My husband complained that "she could get away with everything." as she would go into my husband's art studio where no one would never dared to enter and our little one would daub his paints all over her fingers, in an attempt to copy him! Later as she grew older they spent many happy hours sketching together.

After little Marina entered the world, I was still very ill and weak. I had to spend long periods of time away from my little family in health spas around Europe to get well. An English nanny (whom became a second mother and a dear friend to my girlies for the rest of their lives) Miss Kate Fox "Foxy" took care of my little girls very well while Nicky and I were away. My husband wrote:

"My wife was so seriously ill that I lived through months of terrible anguish; [Marina] was a very dear baby. She nearly cost her mother her life."

Childbirth in the Greek Royal family had been treated with more caution than usual since the untimely death of the Greek-born Grand Duchess Alexandra Georgevna, Nicky's older sister and first wife of my uncle Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich. Since Nicky wasn’t the heir to the throne and as a junior son of the King, I was not under pressure to have a son. We did however wanted more children. Alas my health failed after my little Marina's birth and to hold out another pregnancy would have been fatal for me. Therefore no more children were born to us.

As children, our daughters had the standard reputation of all the young Greek royals being noisy, boisterous, very attached to each other but respectful and well-mannered when required by the presence of their elders. Nicky and I loved our little girlies dearly and they were an endless joy to us! My husband bathe our girls as babies although left their dressing to the nursery maids, as he didn't trust his large, masculine hands with the combination of soft baby skin and safety pins. I read to them in English and French. Our girls were gifted artists and gave many of their lovely artworks, notes, letters etc to me which I placed in special albums. Generally my husband and I paid more attention to our daughters than most royal parents of our time.

From the time Olga was a baby to 1914, our girls also visited their Russia grandparents in Russia at least once a year. Mama didn't like the nurse Foxy saying she spanked the girls too often, and complaining that she had to deal with "English stiffness" enough in regards to Alix, she shouldn't have to deal with it from her granddaughters' nurse, too. Besides Foxy being my daughters' nurse, Foxy was my friend and confidante.

At one point, Mama and I got into a row and she even cut me off my monthly allowance, and even kept my dear children away from me whom were with her at the time. Its cause Nicky and I great grief. Mama would only give my daughters and allowance back if I fired Foxy. I had too, as my husband’s fortune is quite poor for royal standards and most of all I missed my daughters greatly. By the time the Great War started I got my daughters back and lost a great friend, while my daughters lost their second mother, whom they known all their lives. My daughters’ new nurse was Miss Margaret Alison, another will trained English Nursemaid, whom my mother replaced Foxy without mine or my husband’s consent.

However Mama and Papa were doting grandparents to my girls, and although the girls were at first scared by their Russian grandfather's loud voice they soon grew to love him and ceased to fear him, as he was always "very gentle" with the "three beauties" as Foxy called them. Poor Darling Papa passed away on February 17th 1909.

more coming soon, along with photos!


In The Romanovs, What if "1923":

What if

On October 22nd, 1923, our oldest daughter Olga married His Royal Highness Prince Paul of Yugoslavia, cousin of the King Alexander of Yugoslavia. Paul is a charming young man and quite the Anglophile with good manners despite his parents' ill history! My girl is now the second lady of the country after the young Queen Mignon, Cousin Missy's daughter and the younger sister of our new Queen Elisabetta. Nicky and I are so blissful happy for our darling however we do miss her terribly.

Now with two daughters left, our second daughter Elizabeth is Offically engaged (SLAVA BOGU!!!) to the only son and Heir of my cousin Tsar Nicholas II - Tsarevich Alexei Nikolayevich of Russia. A dashing young man with delicate health thanks to his mother’s English family. I hope he and Elizabeth would marry soon! Not that she’ll be Tsarina of Russia, I want them to marry because they’re in love and before the Heir’s life is cut short by his dreadful illness! Mama and I are very pleased over this match! She much is thrilled that one day, my dear child will be "Tsarina Elizaveta Nikolaievna" and that her future great-grandson will be Tsar of Russia!

Besides Alexei being my future son-in-law, his second oldest sister, Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaievna has married my unattractive however charming brother-in-law Prince Christopher of Greece ”Christo” in 1919. They have two small children- Princess Alexandra and Prince Michael. Though some talking and understanding, Dear Tatiana Nikolaievna are now friends once again.

Marina, our baby girl has her eyes on George, the young Duke of Kent! He is the youngest son of our cousin King George V of Great Britain and his wife Queen Mary. A good match indeed for my youngest girl but far too young to even think of marriage and too hard on me to see my youngest off!

Imperial Double headed Eagle of Holy Russia

In the Poisoned Crown Novel:

Countess Elena Vladimirovna Saltykova aka Mademoiselle Hélène

Hello it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I am Her Illustrious Highness Countess Elena Vladimirovna Saltykova. Please just call me Hélène.

I’m the only daughter and youngest child of Count Vladimir Petrovich Saltykov, the new Russian Muscovy Ambassador to France sent by our Tsar Ivan the Great. His tall and scary looking to anyone, a real Russian Boyar you would say- rough and spiritual in large fur bejeweled hats and coats. Foreigners may think barbaric but his just my Papa.

My Mama was Princess Olga of Moscow, only daughter of Tsar Ivan III from his first marriage to Princess Maria of Tver. So therefore I’m the granddaughter of the Tsar, however my brother and I dont call him Dedushka (Grandfather) but His Majesty. She died when I was two years old. I can’t even remember what she looks like.

I have an older brother Mikhail Vladimirovich and three much older half-brothers from my parents’ previous marriages- Prince Stephan III Stephanovich of Rostov- his father was the late Stephan II, the Prince of Rostov; along with Counts Peter and Vladimir Vladimirovich Saltykov- their mother was the first late Countess Saltykova, born Princess Zoya Vasilyevna Dolgorukova, whom was a friend and distant cousin of Mama's.

It’s the year 1485; I just turn fifteen years old on the feast day of Saint Helen. For the next five years of my life I will be with my Papa to France on the command of our Tsar. France is a country all the way across Europe near the Atlantic Ocean. I never saw the ocean before nor step outside of the Kremlin. I don’t know what’s awaiting me in France all that on my mind is Papa’s handsome new servant from Kostroma – Alexei Nikolayevich Kostromanov, called “Alyosha”.

(please note: this character is fictional for this historical novel: Portraits and pictures for this character are of Princess Zinaida Nikolaevna Yusupova)

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