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Bonjour! I'm Makenna Beniot. I was born In Paris, France. least that's where the hospital was. I wish I lived in Paris, but I actually live in a small village outside of Paris. Close enough, right? Well...moving on. I live with my mother and my paternal grandparents. See, my mother was an only child and her parents passed away before I was born. My be honest I'm not sure where he is. Yes, strange for us to be living with his parents and not know. But they don't know either. They adored my mother though, and me, of course, so they took us in because we really had nowhere to turn to. My father's family is wealthy so he didn't let my mum work, and after he disappeared we weren't left with much. I hope he comes back some day...if any reason just to know why he'd disappeared without so much as a note....

A little about me...I'm pretty outgoing...not exactly a social butterfly but I can get along with most anyone. Even with my father's mysterious absence, I'm happy with life. I always try to be optimistic, though sometimes people thing I'm a little too optimistic. They say "I WANT to look on the SHADY side of things, so STOP!"....Crazy huh? Too many pessimistic people around. I guess not a lot of people understand me. But hey...if you lived with my grandparents you'd be optimistic too...they're not exactly one's typical picture of what grandparents should be like. I'm just glad I have my mother...she keeps them so they don't get on me TOO much. Hey I'm smart enough, I apply myself, and I humor my grandparents with attending the occasional dinner party. That's basically me. *smile*

Beauxbatons Academie:

Centauria Château

I was born into a family with a long line of witches and wizards who've gone to Beauxbatons Academie...all Centurians too. I'm currently a 5th year Centurian at the academie and my mother and grandparents are extremely proud. I get high marks and my family hopes I end up somewhere like the Ministry of Magic...I'm afraid to tell them that's the LAST thing I want...

My best friend is Makaila Devereaux. We're like, inseperable at school. We also have something in common...growing up with just one parent. She's a fifth year Centurian just like me, so we're roomies as well. We met our first day at Beauxbatons, and have been the best of friends ever since.

Mon Programme:

Lundi (Monday):
Ancient Runes….8 – 9:30
DADA.....2 - 3:30
History....3:40 - 5:10
Astronomy....12 - 1 AM

Mardi (Tuesday):
Muggle Studies….8 - 9:30
Transfigurations....11:20 - 12:50
Potions.....2 - 3:30
Herbology....3:40 - 5:10

Mercredi (Wednesday):
Charms....11:20 - 12:50
DADA....2 - 3:30
History....3:40 - 5:10

Jeudi (Thursday):
Transfigurations....11:20 - 12:50
Potions....2 - 3:30
Herbology....3:40 - 5:10

Vendredi (Friday:)
Charms....11:20 - 12:50
Healing….8 - 9:30

Into The Woods:

Coming soon...

Beauxbaton Academy of Magic

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Pan Historia Junction

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Joaquina Heliopolis
Shiloh O Riley
Juliette Conlon
Quad Zano

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