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*flutters in*
Welcome to my home!!!

I wanted to put up some pictures of me
so'in you know what I'ma lookin like

This is me sumtimes

An this is one I took ofa Dragonfly!
Lookett that cutie pie!!!

Give 'im a smooch
and it'll take you to his home!

But we're not lookin like that alla the time.
Sometimes Dragonfly an me
are lookin like Flitterflys.

But that's only in sunlight or firelight.
In moonlight, we're lookin more like this

Neveryoumind what we're holdin.
That ain't none a yas bidness.

Oh ok, it was spider webbin
that we were stringin up
so'in when you pass by
ye get that nasty creepy feelin
when you walk through it

But I didna tell ye!!

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