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In the Carpe Noctem novel....

The Time is Come!

Clan Gangrel...and proud of it!

In 1970, a young English heavy-metal band called Bloodchild launched their first album to an unsuspecting public. With songs about death, destruction and horror, it was both reviled and revered and went platinum within three months of it's release.

Their initial success was followed by a series of gruelling world tours and a string of huge albums and Bloodchild were soon established as one of the biggest rock bands in the world.

Like so many other groups before and since, Bloodchild embraced the world of rock and roll with open arms and their name became synonymous with a lifestyle of depraved excess.

Constantly under pressure to 'deliver', the band's guitarist and leading light began immersing himself in the dark mysteries of the occult for yet more inspiration.

One fateful night the jaded rockstar was attending the opera in Vienna, when a beautiful dark-eyed woman staring at him from the audience beneath his private box caught his attention. Fascinated by the pale lustre of her skin and the hidden promise in her mysterious gaze, he was immediately captivated.

Later, after making love she revealed her true nature and asked him to divulge his deepest desires. Mortis willingly accepted the Embrace and they became inseparable.

Very quickly, the other band members noticed a change in him and began to have concerns about his sanity. His strange behaviour was such that they were hardly surprised at his announcement to quit the group.

Selling up the homes and trappings that he'd accumulated over the years, Draco suddenly disappeared and rumours abounded that the musician had actually committed suicide. In truth he'd retired to a remote castle in Austria with his paramour, where they indulged their insatiable lust for blood.

Eventually of course, the money ran out and Draco and his lover parted ways. Since then, he'd shunned the company of others of his kind and made his way in the world by his wits alone, never revealing his secret to anyone.

But now he felt drawn inexorably towards the City of Angels, a calling that would not be denied. For the first time in many years, Draco would find himsef in the company of other Kindred....and the dangers of Los Angeles' dark underbelly that is the world of Carpe Noctem.

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