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My Badge Collections:

Supporters Bronze Medal
Muse Bronze Medal


In the Tombstone Novel:

A civil war veteran from the east, comes looking for missing kin and becomes enmeshed in western affairs

In the The Io Effect Novel:

In the Zone : History Novel:

In the Zone : Westerns Novel:

Get some wicked dreams in you free debate

My Novels:

The Io Effect - Out of Print
Plane of the Ecliptic - Out of Print
Battle! - Out of Print
Zone : Westerns
Zone : History
Zone : Other
Zone : Fantasy
Zone : Science Fiction
Zone : Action

My Reference Books:

ACME Web Factory
Infinite Worlds: The Realms of Speculative Fiction
Wild West
The Midnight Society

My Blog:

Ephemera and Marginalia

My Salons:

Obsidian Project
Savage Tides
Attributable to Human Error
Pan Press
The Round Table
The Football Pitch

My Friends:

Caerwyn Dylan
Marsh Tanner
Wyatt Earp
Jick Hambleton
Rob Blake
Jerry Cornelius
Bootstrap Bill Turner
Korvettenkapitan Karl Muller
The Bibliophile
Thomas Weaver
Amelia Bosque
Bayley Aylesford
Jack Hambleton
Krystyn Aleedo
Dominic Mackenzie
Johnny Behan

My Favorite Reads:

The Stars Are Dreaming Wicked - Out of Print
A Short Jump Into Darkness - Out of Print
Smugglers Moon - Out of Print

My Pandas:

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