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Bright streams of sunlight poured in to the second floor master bedroom of Alison Lucina. It was about ten o’clock and the phone was ringing for the fifth time within an hour, the answering machine picked up the call, Ali covered her ears trying not to hear her own voice saying, “Hey this is Ali, I’m not home, leave me a message,” followed by a high pitched BEEEEEEEP.

She heard the familiar voice of the man she was seeing the past two years, “Ali, Honey, it is me, I am really sorry about last night, you know I did not mean what I said. You know you are my one and only. Can you please give me a second chance?”

This wasn’t the first time he had cheated, but it would be the last time it happened to her. She knew that he was just after her family’s empire. The prestigious law firm her grandfather was a partner and founding member of, Dewey, Cheathem and Howe. It was obvious that when he asked her everyday if she had spoken with her sister, and what new cases she was working on. It was uncanny how much interest he had in her family’s business. It had always made her nervous when he asked so many questions, most of which she could not be comfortable answering.

Perhaps her sister and the rest of her family did not realize she knew the family’s business better than they could ever imagine and that is why she never pursued it. Her family lived on the edge of a violent and corrupt world, and Ali did not want any part of it. She did not want anyone attached to her to fall into the seductive trap that she so longed to free herself from. But there she was living in an expensive townhouse that her mother bought her years earlier as a college graduation gift.

On so many occasions Ilena and her boss would approach her to join the firm, but she always told them she had no interest in law. For now they seemed to accept it, but one day she knew it would all catch up to her.

Ali got up and walked over to her dresser and looked in the mirror at her swollen eyes. She looked at a silver framed picture of her and her now ex-boyfriend. Pulling the frame apart she removed the picture and crumpled it. She tossed it into a trashcan and vowed that she would never cry over this man again. She hopped into the shower to try to make a fresh start for the day.

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