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In the Pan Historia Junction Novel:

Evie is merely an observer
in the strange land of
Pan Historia Junction.

In the Novel
Yesterday's Children
Evelyn Marie Watson though most call her Evie, is the 17 year old sister of Shana and Jerad. She is a rebellious young woman. Her brother calls her his bratty baby sister. This is Howler a wolf she found as a pup and raised as her companion. She, her family and friends work to rebuild a world that has fallen apart. 12 years after "IT" did it's damage those left struggle to survive and rebuild. "IT" was a virus that killed everyone over the age of puberty and left nothing but children to fend for themselves and survive.
Click and see how Yesterday's Children deal with a hostile world gone crazy.

My first novel!! Gone but not forgotten!
Tribes of the Moon

Evie with her waif like looks was a 17-year-old orphan, until she was �killed�. Well, sort of, she woke up still �alive� despite the fact that she had been murdered. This poor kid has never gotten a decent break and now everything has gone completely wrong. She is on the run probably a fugitive if they found the sad excuse for a foster father yet. And now as if she didn�t have enough problems this eerie buzzing voice in her head is getting louder but still makes no sense and she thinks she may be going crazy�Recently she has been joined by a mysterious wolf who helps to guide her to The Three Sisters.

Follow the adventures of Evie, Howler and all of the monsters being drawn like moths to the flame,to the Cavern that holds the Three Sisters and to the power of Baphomet.

Home for the Horror Days

I took the WHAT STATE ARE YOU? TEST and it was great I am the state I was born, raised and still live in!!

You're Missouri!
An admirer of the works of Mark Twain and the steamboat lifestyle, you are happiest when floating gently down the river. You have a strong sense of independence, a reverence for saints, and even look up to discredited explorers. With all these traditional influences, it's no surprise you're at the center of everyone you know, and are even considered a gateway to the future. If only you could stop drinking the world's worst beer, you'd be set.
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What kind of jewel are you?

Fire Opal

People love to be around you. Not just for your stunning outer beauty, but also for the inner beauty that radiats from your awesome personality.

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A "What Vampire Are You?" quiz

You are an Evil Vampire. You don't care about humans and you prefer to suck all of their blood out so that they die and don't become one like yourself. The burden of being Evil though, Is being so god-damb sexy.
Good points:
sexyenergeticfun-lovingBad points:
greedyevilwant to take over the world
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Fantasy and Sci-Fi

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Pan Historia Junction
Short Cuts

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Yesterday's Children
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