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In the A Scent of Mystery Novel:

I have worked with plants, with seeds, in the name of preserving parts of Creation that could be so easily lost due to rarity or obsolescence.

The old fashioned apples that grew at my grandfather's dacha were prone to being infested by worms more than most apples, but they were the most flavorful, and held up when baked in a Charlotte much better than pith and cellulose that worms do not eat - such as the Moskvich' and the 'Lenin Star', 'fruit' created more to fill hungry bellies as if the siege still went on, and more to fill shelves because it plays into the ideology - 'all power to the Soviet!'

Yet the old must be preserved in case of a good reference to the new. Some hybrids do not work in the end. Flaws in the makeup of a cultivated plant are like flaws in human character - a disappointment when they show up...

The longer I live the more I am convinced that applied genetics are a metaphor of the present human race. And they say I am not happy...!

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