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I'm Agent Rafe Stanton...

...and I currently am training at a facility near San Francisco, to be my best for the Lacaon Society.

Yes, I'm a Turnskin, but I'm actually a nice guy,if you get to know me.

But never underestimate me.

I can be your Best friend, or your worst nightmare.

I'm told I'm up for promotion to the San Francisco building, and that's a good thing, because I could sure use the money. Living in the Bay Area isn't cheap! I'm sure you all can commiserate.


Anyway, I was born in Iowa. You know Riverside, that town Captain James T. Kirk is going to be born in, in a few centuries? Yeah, that's my hometown. So small, it didn't even have a movie theater until recently. There's not much to tell about my life until now. Kind of "normal" if I do say so myself. Was raised on a generational family farm and was fortunate to be "well off" raising corn, wheat and beef. Oh, and horses. Rode with the local drag hunt club. My horses were my best friends, really. Dated a bit, trying to fit in, but no regular girlfriend. They said I was "too driven". Whatever that means.

I attended grade and high school there, but finished my education at the University of California at Berkeley with a BS in Earth and Planetary Sciences (Near Surface Geophysics) and a BA in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archeology (Egyptology). I've done my agent training in a few LS facilities around the Bay Area.
The parents are big LS fans, and did their best to instill as much honor and inspiration for our "family heritage" as they could to my upbringing. It's why I decided to move to San Francisco. Well, actually, I'm lucky enough to live in Berkeley, in a Victorian house on Russell Street.

Human Particulars.

Let's see...I'm currently 27 years old. I'm about 6'2" tall, and around 180- or 85- pounds most of the time. I work out,okay,I try to work out at least three times a week. My proportions are mostly equal, though my legs are a bit longer. No scars to speak of. No distinguishing marks.

I'm not married, well, not yet, anyway. Got to meet the right woman who doesn't care who- or what- I am, you know?

My hair is kind of sandy brown and short. Sometimes high and tight. My eyes are hazel grey. I'm tanned, though a Caucasian male. Most of my ancestry is Scots-Irish and Scandinavian.

My spiritual aspects are my own and nobody's business, though my folks are Christian. Mostly. I have a younger brother (Thomas) and sister (Aife) who are currently being educated at West Point and Univ.of Iowa, respectfully.

Wolf Particulars.

I guess I'm what you'd call a timber wolf. Mostly dark greys and blacks, though I have a sprinkling of tans, silver and white on my face, belly and backs of my legs and tail. I've been told I'm "impressive", so that probably means I'm big and fluffy. I'm also a Beta.

Guess that's all I can think of right now.

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