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From out of nowhere came one of the King's riders to scoop up myself and my sons with the news that my eldest, Féoric, had somehow fallen in love with and was marrying the King's niece!

To say that was a stunning piece of news does not even come close to how I felt. But, once I met the Lady, Gársylfren, and saw how she looked at my son (and, in truth, as he did to her)...

Then there was no more than family to be loved, guided and made one. Her father, Gármightag of Aldburg has taken Féoric as his son and I have the one thing I never had before: a daughter! What comes next we can but wait and see for now my second son will become Entwade's Reeve and I am not sure if I should stay here for a bit to help Gársylfren through the first weeks of marriage as her body will begin to change in ways she's no idea are coming. Or to head home to still keep house for my as yet unwed two: Féohelm and Féobold.

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