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Lily Bennett (image: Kim Go-eun (actress))

Nickname: Nari (Korean for 'Lily')

Age: 24


Birthplace: Mayhem Colorado

Current Residence(s):Mayhem, Colorado

Occupation: Photographer and Pastry Chef

The Bennett Family

Father:Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Bennett, Head Board member of the Bennett Software Company

MotherSarah(nee Seong (Song)) Bennett (South Korean-American descent) world renowned model *deceased*


Martin Wilson Bennett, President of a Bennett Software company

Michael David Bennett CEO Bennett Software Company

Naomi (nee Bennett) married with family, world renowned Chef of Bennett Restaurant in Milan Italy

Lily Naomi Bennett

Close Friends/Family:

Kim Eun-kyung

Han Min-jae

Biography of Lily Bennett

Coming from a middle class family, Lily began her career as chef and the later on picked up photography; which became her first love and then her second love was a pastry chef. With her mother passed at young age, Lily knows nothing about her Korean heritage until her friend Eun-Kyung traveled the world and somehow ended up in Seoul South Korea and this is where Lily learns about her Korean heritage and meets a handsome man who is famous throughout South Korea, Han Min-jae.

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My Novels:

As the Snow Falls

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My Friends:

Han Min jae
Kim Eun Kyung
Tara King

My Favorites:

As the Snow Falls

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