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In the Yesterday's Children Novel:

Stranded in the United States when "IT" happened, Diarmait O'Donovan had just turned 13. His parents had brought him, along with his two younger sisters, to visit what was to become their new home. His father had been transferred to the US from his company in Ireland, and this was to be the family's first glimpse of their future...a future that ended before it could ever begin.

Diarmait had no knowledge of whether or not his sisters had survived, and though time is no longer on his side, he is always on the lookout for them.

An excellent student and athlete, specializing in fencing, boxing, and riding, Diarmait had many talents as a youth. He has kept his body as strong as his mind, using whatever means necessary to stay alive. By choice, his days are often violent and adventurous, in defense of his life. His nights are usually filled with a time of searching for those who have similar desires and dreams. Each morning, hope dawns, the hope that this life has been nothing but a terrible dream

Now 25, Diarmait looks much older than most survivors, even those his own age. This has become a double-edged sword for him, for Diarmait has been constantly mistaken for an invader.

In New Hope, maybe that image will finally change.

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