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The Chronicler is the keeper of the stories. A Chronicler learns and records all the stories that he or she can from Yesterday's Children who must rebuild a ruined world. There are many chroniclers they are taught how to read and write and be good observers then sent out to learn the histories of the various groups that populate the new world. The Chroniclers root is in New Hope where the idea came to them that they would need a way to tell the history of what they were doing. They created a special school just for the purpose of teaching people the skills necessary to be a Chronicler. Teaching them the history of the world and how to record what came to pass so that it would be available for future people to know the history of the world they live in. They would learn to observe and record all they hear and see. Rarely do they interceed they simply observe and record. Over time they become loosely associated with The Sisterhood of the Path of Light. Mainly because the Sisters have the largest library available.

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