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      Born on the isolated Havasupai Reservation, in the Grand Canyon National Park of Arizona, Danielle was raised traditionally by first her grandparents, then her parents. She grew up, determined to go out into the World, to make a difference.

      At the age of 16, she was brought across to the "other" tradition of her family: being two-natured. This meant not only living life as a Human, but also living life as a Puma. She made it work.

      The Res is small. No secrets can be kept for long, yet the tribe has kept this secret safe for several centuries. The journey from one state of being to another wasn't always successful, and many died in the attempts. Only a few of the Hamdaq bloodline exist. But there are others...

      Danielle's life as an FBI agent was successful and enjoyable until her last mission. She decided to become a Private Investigator. At least, that's the idea.

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Year of the Cat

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Midnight Tapestry

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