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Name: Osiris Rex
Race: Dowud
Age: 120, yet appears 30
Profession: Psi-Marshal
Alignment: Lawful Good
Origin: Heroic Age
Height: 4’10”
Weight: 101 pounds
Build: Athelitic, slim, muscular
Hair: Long, dead white
Eyes: Yellow-Gold
Skin: Milky white
Languages: Fluent in Elvish, Common, Orcish, Minotaur, Dwarvish, Giant, Goblin; can get by on several others...

Osiris Rex is a Psi-Knight, a product of the Shaolin, that has historically produced the wisest and most lethal warriors to have ever walked the lands of Avantasia. The Shaolin is an ancient monastic, academic, meritocratic and militaristic organization that has produced Psi-Knights for well over three-thousand years. It is they, more then any other individual or organization that has brought a lasting peace to the lands.

The Psi-Knights were a very well educated military class and in their education a young knight excelled in reading, writing, mathematics, history, poetry and the spiritual disciplines among other practical skills as well.

Their members chosen from primarily the longer lived races, yet many different races were included among their numbers. They were well-paid and had high prestige and special privileges granted onto no others within the land. A very select body of their number, usually only twelve in number, were also chosen to be the personal body guards of the Emperor.

Among their studies and training a young knight studied the philosophies of Tzu, Aristotle, Confucius, Laozi, Aquinas, Marx, Nietzsche, Plato and Socrates, among others. The Psi-Knights were also very well trained in the more militaristic arts that included military history, military science, the social graces and etiquette, personal and battlefield tactics, hawking, horsemanship, survival skills, as well as the study and use of many weapons.

Psi-Knights became the military elite and generals of the ancient city of Avantasia, until their fall. After which, the remaining Psi-Knights either returned to the Shaolin Monastery or wandered the world at large.

~ The Code ~

I. Duty

II. Honor

III. Integrity

IV. Compassion

V. Civility

VI. Sincerity

VII. Dignity

VIII. Justice

Without these merits,
what is a man?

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