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Being of Hungarian ancestry, Viktor was once a powerful general and warlord born sometime early in the 5th century.

According to history, he was a ruthless and cruel feudal warlord and was described as having ruled over his domain with an iron fist.

Today, Viktor sits on both the Collective Council as well as the Vampire Council, overseeing every aspect of vampire life among the paranormals.

And while not the chairman of the Night Bank nor having any direct say in its business dealings, he none the less has a heavy influence over all of their dealings and with who they do business with.

A skilled but authoritarian leader for the vampires, Viktor is also power-hungry and quite manipulative. He is extremely arrogant and equally as brutal towards anyone who disobeys the rules created by the Collective. That being said, he himself does not adhere to many of the rules the Collective has implemented.

While being such a strict authoritarian, Viktor is a caring father to his children, training them all as warriors and preparing them as future leaders for the vampires at large. Due to getting his own way and being power hungry, he is bad-tempered and violent. Most of the time he is selfish, vindictive, cruel, and hypocritical.

He is not completely amoral, nor is he a true sociopath, though his attempts to paint himself as a vampire lord would suggest an extreme case of narcissism. Lastly, he is not known to express gratitude for anything.

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Pretty good post!
Dec 06, 2020 05:19 pm

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