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No, I don't know who you mean. I am Averi, in service to Lady Tova of Easingwold. Crayke? where's that?


The truth is that I am Averi of Crayke, youngest daughter of Wystan of Crayke. There is an ages old hill fort along a forest path that allows much time to be taken off the trip through the forest. It has helped make the Masters of Crayke very well off over time.

Until my father gambled most of it away. He's in dire straights and he planned to make himself healthy again by selling me in marriage to Anfeald of Rawcliffe. But my mother heard of his plan and sent me away to the house of her friend, Lady Tova of Easingwald even before the bans could be read.

My father's beyond angry and my mother paid in bruises for what she'd done (although, in truth, he doesn't know it was her else she'd be dead by now). So I live here, in hiding dressed as a boy and working as Lady Tova's page. Easingwold is only ten or eleven miles north of Rawcliffe and much business is done between the towns. I am very much afraid that eventually, some one is going to know me for who I am....

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