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Renweard had more than lived up to the meaning of his name: "guardian of the house." He had gone east on pilgrimage as a young man and stayed to help guard some of the holy sites. But eventually, home called him and he returned to Easingwold. To his surprise, the one girl he had remembered the entire time he was gone was still living in Easingwold unwed.

Sweterun was still home keeping house for a very ill father. Her blue eyes still danced with merriment just as Renweard had remembered. He'd saved enough to purchase the alehouse and its business so that when he went to her father to ask for her hand, it was something Grindan could look upon with favor. Especially since the offer to take him with them was part of the proposal.

It turned out well for them all as Grindan turned out to be the best child warder that Renweard and Sweterun could have asked for. That meant she could be of more help in and around the alehouse while making for a very happy Grandda and grand children. His death when the youngest was eight was a blow to them all but a blessing that they had gotten to know him so well.

Looking out over his counter at the end of the day, Renweard can take pride in the fact that The Soldier's Cup is a happy place where his now grown children have taken their own part in running and expanding the place

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