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Synne's husband Halig is but a month gone and already her greedy brother-in-law, Modig, has tried to take away his brother's mill. Halig's running the mill had let Synne work as a weaver of fine cloth for shawls, capes and blankets.

That may be something she can no longer do as she and her nine year old twins, Rinan and Abrecan must try to take Halig's place as the town miller.

One man has been of great help in holding off her brother-in-law. Orri the Turner knows the pain Synne is going through as he had lost his wife in childbed years ago. After he knocked Modig into the mill stream with a threat to do worse if Modig tried to bully Synne again, he had sat down -- outside in the herb garden so as to preserve her reputation, to talk to her about what she might be facing now that she was alone.

The most important thing he had told Synne, "Life turns and twists itself inside out. You may choose to remain a widow or you might find another man to love. But you'll never completely loose the hurt of Halig's passing no more than I have Aefre's. In time, though, you will find a way to live again with Halig as part of you, yes, but no longer one who's death leaves you as one dead."

Synne cannot help but pray that day comes sooner than later....

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Well THAT took an unexpected turn!
Aug 09, 2020 05:02 am

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