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Daniel Metler

Daniel was Samantha Bruneau's Personal Assistant and Officer Manager for her company, The Bruneau & Walsh Advertising Agency, Inc., in San Francisco, for over 7 years. His primary duties varied, but included keeping Samantha on track, head off troublesome clients, and solve 'special' problems, always on point – 31, lean, dark hair, blue eyes, efficient, smart: no wolf self, and completed devoted to Samantha.

POST Agency:

Daniel is currently the State Executor & Durable Power of Attorney, for Amira Valentine, the sole beneficiary to all assets accumulated by her legal parents, Samantha Bruneau and Michael Valentine. Daniel is also Amira's legal Attorney for her current personal needs, and all future affairs, as acting Executor for her various Trust Funds, previously set up, though in separate, by her parents.

His identity remains unavailable, and his location is fluid at this time. Daniel is living outside of the U.S. per Samantha's request, for his own safety, and the safety of Amira. His only client currently, is Amira Valentine, whom he never contacts.

Amira's account activities, and all distributions of Funds, are carefully handled through various protected Banks, anonymous Financial Brokers and Ghost Attorneys, and completed through cyber channels.

The one, possible flaw in Daniel's carefully maintained measures of security, is his previous connection with a Society Agent residing in San Francisco, Cynthia Fletcher. Miss Fletcher was formerly a Paralegal at Bruneau & Walsh.

Daniel was her Supervisor.

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