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Games Gold Medal
Muse Gold Medal
Achievement Bronze Medal
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My name is Delilah Purrcury, ruler of the Queendom of Rhye. My Person Freddie is currently talking a break ... with my permission, of course!

Picture from, then edited to remove Miko the cat so only Freddie Mercury of Queen and Delilah the cat are included.


* * * * *

I received a plaque for my Halloween decorations:

* * * * *

I found all the hidden cats in the CATastrophe novel!

* * * * *

My entry for the Risen Phoenix Creation Contest - I won 2nd Place!

* * * * *

My float for the 2020 Pan Historia Parade.

Thank you to for the free clip art!

My Novels:

The Lion's Den
Star Wars: The Saga

My Reference:

The Music Studio
Stargazer's Menhir

My Blog:

Delilah Purrcury: The Queendom of Rhye

My Salons:

Paniverse Plottings

My Friends:

Rebecca Barnes
Natalia Romanova
Sojourner Mars
Melilot Brandybuck

My Favorites:

My Pandas:

Crazy Queen Fan
Jan 18, 2021 02:14 am
How sweet!
Jan 11, 2021 03:31 am
Paw-some Panda for a Grand Idea and a Fab Song
Jan 06, 2021 05:38 am
The Purrfect Panda for a Gripping, Passionate First Post
Dec 31, 2020 07:02 am
The I'm So Cute Panda You Must Worship Me
Nov 01, 2020 07:05 am

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