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Ashia is the foremost dealer in art and antiquities from Asia and the Far East. Her pieces are always high quality and unlike her competitors, there is never a hint of anything being stolen, broken or copied. Only the best of the best with an unbreakable provenance makes it into her luxurious gallery.

Originally based in Paris, Ashia had fallen in love with Elyot Lannister and opened a second gallery in London. They have decided to expand her firm to have a new branch in San Francisco. One of her best clients is based there and, with the promise that he always gets right of first refusal, he knows several people who would be most interested in her art and antiquities.

Tall, elegant, sensuous, she wanders through peoples lives leaving a lasting impression that never allows her true self to be seen to anyone but Elyot.

Persian Leopard sitting

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Year of the Cat

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