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We are Obsidian, of The Great Royal House Abraxas.
Concern yourself not, mortal, of its preeminence.
We do not expect you to understand its significance.

Were We to tell you of the majesty of the House of Houses,
You would be in shock. You would even try to escape.
But there would be no escape for you, mortal.

Envious of all you see and all that you cannot have.
Covetous of thy neighbor, his wife, and his daughter.
Gluttonous for ability, assets, the delights of the flesh.
And so unaware of the truly precarious nature of life.

Humans do have one thing in their favor, however.
They are delicious, and can be well feasted upon .
Thus, would you care to entertain Us with your dying?

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Zone : Fantasy
The Paranormal Collective

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Kyrie Eleison

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Solaris Jade
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Philippa Hainault
Eleanor of Austria
Catherine of Austria
Thia Saavedra
Alexis Warwick
The Helper Elf

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Well written and interesting
Aug 07, 2020 07:33 am

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