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Thomas Nadasdy de Nadasd-Fogarasfold was one of the most talented and best-educated statesmen of his generation. He is originated from the minor nobility and was educated at Graz, Bologna, and Rome. Due to his excellent abilities, he became a chief secretary to the young King Louis II and served Queen Maria too.

Thomas didn't attend at Mohács, his task was to protect the Queen. They fled to Posson and from here he joined later the King. Thomas remained loyal to Louis II, served him as a general in campaigns, a diplomat in secret chambers and finally as a wise chancellor. No wonder, that he was styled later as the Great Palatinate.

He married the rich heiress Orsola Kanissay. Their marriage proved for a love match. Their Court was a shelter for scholars and humanists. Here was made and pressed the first Hungarian translation of the New Testament.

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Crown of Thorns

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Great description of a twice conquered city! Bittersweet but perfect!
Dec 07, 2020 06:48 pm
Epic! I could feel the tension! Great post!
Nov 15, 2020 05:42 pm
One of the best posts I've ever read! Thank you!
Nov 10, 2020 06:25 pm
Well merited work.
Aug 31, 2020 02:19 pm
I am beyond words! Thomas' soul has been opened and it is just beautiful! A writing masterpiece!
Aug 30, 2020 06:16 pm

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