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Orsola Kanissay [her biography is changed for the purposes of the novel]

Orsola Kanissay was the most formidable and influential lady at the Court of Maria of Habsburg, Queen of Hungary.

Orsola's father perished on the battlefield of Mohács, where the kingdom of Hungary was defeated by the Ottoman Empire. Orsola became a sole heiress of a huge fortune. Her lady aunt, Dorothea Kanissay buried the heroes and found the half-dead King Louis II among the fallen magnates. After that Louis was healed, Orsola decided to give one more chance for the King and his Queen.

She supports Louis and Maria against the Turks, against those Hungarian barons that don't want to see Louis on the throne. She supports the Royal Couple even against the Holy Roman Empire when the Habsburg brothers, Emperor Charles and Archduke Ferdinand, threaten the independence of the Kingdom - or what remained from Hungary after the Ottoman conquest.

Orsola is married Thomas Nadasdy, a state secretary of King Louis. Thomas is a well educated and clever man. He studied in Italy, knows foreign languages, is fond of literature and brave in the campaigns.


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Thank you for this extra bit of history!
Oct 19, 2020 05:38 pm
Perfection! I could not ask for a better post. What a masterpiece from begging to ending! Thank you!
Oct 11, 2020 04:42 pm
Great Post! I loved the tender moment between Thomas and Orsola, but also the tragic hint of Mohacs in the post. Very good!
Aug 19, 2020 06:15 pm
Jul 06, 2020 05:50 pm
Great Welcome for a Prince! Thank you for this!
Jul 04, 2020 08:51 am

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