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Stacey Mars pulls her wisdom, her enlightened Karma, and depth of soul from her belief in Reincarnation. Though she has no recall of who or when, in her visions and flashes of previous lives—of which she can neither confirm nor deny—she believes this is not first time she’s walked the Earth as a Human. Nor is her Cat, the first she has housed. Her Human appearance often betrays her aged soul, and her cat, a melanistic panthera, or ‘black panther’, usually calm and observant, has been known to disrupt her inner peace when she’s not looking. A delicate balance, between her enlightened aura, and that ever present dark undercurrent from past lives, she has learned to manage over the last few years. Stacey believes understanding and accepting both sides of one’s nature, equally, and in harmony, one with the other, is important if one is to obtain true ‘balance’ in life, cat or human.

Not one to make commitments lightly, knowing his music is priority, and takes precedence over everything else, Jared Nickolson avoided signing into any long-term relationships, even when several prospects looked promising.

He never thought he’d one day come face-to-face with the woman he hadn’t been looking for—who would forever change his mind on long-term commitments—in a feisty, 4’4-1/2” blonde-bombshell —who would also turn out to be his soul mate—with a secret Cat-self inside of her.

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The Okee Dokee Corral
Year of the Cat

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Cragmere Keep

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Amanda Hart
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