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Stacey Mars pulls her wisdom, her enlightened Karma, and depth of soul from in her belief in Reincarnation. Though she has no recall of who or when, in her visions and flashes of previous lives—of which she can neither confirm nor deny—she believes this is not first time she’s walked the Earth as a Human. Nor is her Cat, the first she has housed. Her Human appearance often betrays her aged soul, and her cat, a melanistic panthera, or ‘black panther’, usually calm and observant, has been known to disrupt her inner peace when she’s not looking. A delicate balance, between her enlightened aura, and that ever present dark undercurrent from past lives, she has learned to manage over the last few years. Stacey believes understanding and accepting both sides of one’s nature, equally, and in harmony, one with the other, is important if one is to obtain true ‘balance’ in life, cat or human.

Stacey has experienced visions of previous lives since she was old enough to remember, writing them off as dreams, even nightmares, of which many, she’s journaled just because she found them so fascinating. She contributed the dreams to her father’s obsession with Folklore and Mythology, and the many stories he’d recite to her during her childhood. Not until she’d left Glasgow in her early twenties to travel the world after graduation, her father intentionally pointing her to the East, to study both Buddha and Hindu beliefs on life, did she discover her dreams had not been mere dreams at all, but were accountable visions into past lives she had experienced, and how very real those lives had been.

Her father, a were-cat, though Stacey never knew until later, believed he had been reincarnated several times, and was now living his last transmitted life. His awaking of Stacey’s Cat, which he’d always known existed quietly inside her, came shortly after her return home, knowing he needed to be the one to educate his daughter. Stacey had sensed something very dark, and frightening, in some of those ‘past life visions’ she did not understand, reluctant to accept his ‘Folklore’ explanations. Her first shift came under her father’s careful guidance, having no idea what her Cat would be, or how it would react. Not all cats are inherently, social. Once bitten, Stacey began to understand, and accepted the complexity of her dual natures.

After her father’s final death, a little over a year after she discovered her Cat, Stacey gathered up her dream journals and headed for New York. That was when she found the Lycaon Society and others like her, and some not like her, through a mutual friend. Her entire view of the world changed after that. Stacey knew in her soul, and like her father, it was part of her Karma to share what she’d learned over time, with—what she now knew existed beyond her dreams—all who were like her, both were-cat and wolf, alike, who struggled with ‘balance’. As food for thought. However, Stacey knows she still has much to learn.

Stacy does not have the ability to pick and choose a particular vision, they manifest in her memory on their own. And she cannot define one previous life, Human or Cat, from another; be it time or place, and has no way of knowing how many times her soul has been transmitted. She relies on Karma to guide her, and her father’s teachings, living her current life among her kind, as though it were her last.

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