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Nov 2015

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In the Pan Historia Junction Novel:

Alas, the Folly of Man Sci Fi Featured Novel Feb 2005

In the Novel Stargate SG-1:

Staff Sergeant Jones, Charles O.

Partner: Blackjack

At 6' 11" and 290 pounds an already formidable presence, Sergeant Jones is joined by his military working dog, a huge Black Labrador named Blackjack. Deriving his size and speed from his father's mix of Pennsylvania miner and Seneca Indian heritage, his mother's Ojeda family relatives from Texas always called him Chico.

The extended Ojeda family had built a large general purpose construction company in the cities and oil fields of East Texas. The Jones' had handled explosives for six generations in and out of the mines of Western Pennsylvania. His parents met at a construction site where the Jones' were demolishing the old building so the Ojeda's could build a new one. His parents formed their own company specializing in building demolition and Chico was born on a construction site an hour after a building implosion.

Like his eight siblings Chico was raised to join the family business, but rebelled during his Junior year at Purdue to join the Marines. Presented with a demolitions expert the Marines of course made him a long range scout in a Recon Platoon. Volunteering for K-9 training to get back to his love of explosives, Chico embarrassed his instructors with his better knowledge on the first day of training. Hoping to flunk him out, they assigned him the "untrainable" Blackjack. Stubborn enough for two, Chico finally made accommodation with the massive Black Labrador to allow them to finish training. The two have been inseparable ever since.

After a run-in with a Navy SEABEE Lt. Commander, Chico used his family connections to hook up with his cousin Diego Santiago. A Marine Gunnery Sergeant already assigned to the SGC, Diego got Chico reassigned to his Special Ops unit at Cheyenne Mountain.

In the Novel Alas, the Folly of Man:

Sir Charles Ojeda Jones

Commander of the Order of Fire and Sword, Society of Justice

Chico Jones was already a battle tested Marine when he was caught up in the blast of a North Korean nuclear attack on Sapporo Japan. After enduring the trauma of his horrific injuries healing themselves, he found himself shipped off to a remote research facility in the Allegheny Mountains. Bewildered and demoralized he was befriended by two other victims sent to the research center, Robert Kashmir and Al Delveccio.

The three quickly became the leadership of the growing number of inmates at the facility. When the center was taken over by new sadistic scientists they became the lead subjects of experimentation. When Al Delveccio was murdered by the head scientist, Chico and Robert led a revolt and formed their two complimentary Orders of the Society of Justice to look after the Immortals.

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Pan Historia Junction
StarGate SG-1 - Out of Print
Alas, the Folly of Man

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